So, this new 400 dollar 40 gig PS3

Educate me. I don’t care about Bells and Whistles. I dont care if I can go all Hi Def or frag some n00b online or some shit. I may want to download some PSone games, if that ever happens, or use the HDD to store saves. But I just want to play games. Is there any reason, based on that why I should or shouldnt get this one, as opposed to the 80 gig one? I still have and use and will not sell my PS2, so backwards compatibility isnt an issue either.

It has no backwards compatability at all. Wait another month and they’ll probably release a NEW new new version. The best features/money PS3 is the original 60 gig, which should be 500 now.

If you don’t give a shit about anything but PS3 games, well, you can get the 40 gig. I’d still grab the 60 gig myself just in case you ever do want those features, since ports are kinda hard to add after the fact.

I’m just convinced that every few months, Sony is going to release a new version in attempt to compensate for their horrendous financial losses this fiscal year, and that anyone who buys the previous version essentially gets shafted.

Not being a dick but, what games are you talking about? o_O

PS3 games

The $400 40gb version is a waste of your money. You might as well spend the extra hundred and get a version with more space and PS2 backward compatibility (even though it is done through software). The 40gb is only backwards comatible with the PSone games. It you want to download stuff, you are gonna want that extra space the 80gb offers. Also, you are gonna want the space since some PS3 games require a shitload of space (Spiderman 3 requies like 2.6gb). If you want a PS3 try to get the 60gb one since it has all the bells and whistles and is just $100 more. Also the PS3 only uses the PS3 to store data, it doesn’t use memeory cards, so it isn’t a choice to stores saves on it. The 40gb version is the most gimped version and if you just want to play PS3 games download stuff it’ll work, but yo could possibly run out of space.

I already said I dont care about the BC issue, since I still have my PS2. But if games require such large amounts of space, I guess I’ll have to go one higher.

…like I can afford one anyway. Just asking.

I’m still not buying a PS3. As someone said so eloquently “what games”.

Space is a pretty lame reason to look at the higher tier PS3s, since unlike the 360, I’m fairly sure you can just toss in a new HD yourself that doesn’t cost 50 million dollars.

I’m just gonna wait until the proper version of the fucker hits the $300-$400 range. And it gets more than, what… 2 titles?

Also, this should prove useful.

> Resistance: Fall of Man
> Folklore

Gears of War > Resistance Fall of Man

Yeah, but the price difference is only $100 dollars and you don’t have to worry about compaibility or putting things together for twice as much space.

Comparing Gears of War to Resistence is sort of like comparing apples and oranges, yeah they both involve shooting, but they are different kinds of shooters. Resistence’s biggest fault is not making use of the era. It is fun, but still a major disappointment.

The PS3 is sorely lacking in quality exclusives though. It doesn’t really have anything that can’t be played on the 360.

The only games that interest me in the future for the PS3 are Final Fantasy XIII (I still can’t believe they turned my Shiva into a frickin’ motorcycle :bowser:), Disgaea 3, and the next Grand Theft Auto. Considering the backlog I have now, and the fact I don’t have time to play stuff now, there’s no way I’ll even consider buying a system for $500 plus right now.

Even though recently, the number of games I want on the PS3 has changed from three games to four (MGS4, FF13, FF13Versus, and now Folklore), I will probably just buy the games and wait for a chance to play them conveniently.

Guess I misinterpreted what he meant by that. It’s true there’s not enough games to warrant any PS3 price tag, and I’d sooner buy a 360 or a PSP or a DS. However, I’d like to try that Heavanly sword, and I WILL be buying MGS4. Even if I get nothing else, I will be getting a PS3 for MGS4. Otherwise…yeah not a whole lot.

Actually GTA4 is also coming to the 360 so scratch that one from your list.

Heavenly Sword is a gorgeous looking game; but you might finish it in about 6 hours. Renting HS would be a financially wise choice :wink:
Also, Ratchet and Clank is coming out, and the game gets overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Ratchet and Clank was one of the best franchises on the PS2. I’d consider that one as well.

Try as it might, Tools of Destruction doesn’t achieve the same level of greatness as its predecessors. It’s too easy, the story falls flat, and the “throw everything in including the kitchen sink” style of gameplay takes too much of the focus off the tight platforming and fun combat.


Yeah, GS’s reviews barely hold merit.