So there's this puppy named Bhuda.

So my fat sister got this puppy and it’s the dumbest looking animal I have ever seen. It’s docile and obese. It resembles my sister a lot actually. Its eyes point in different directions out of its misshapen skull. I fucking hate the thing. I think what I hate the most about it is its name, because I have to hear my sister saying it. So now my question is how do I get rid of the thing? Somebody suggested I leave the door open. I like that idea. I have to make it disappear and make it look like an accident. I’m thinking I should poison it. Also, I think I could get my mom’s bf to step on it by accident. He is the size of a small car so it should kill the thing easily. Antifreeze on the dog food anyone? What are your suggestions? I tried to get them to call the Dog “The Red Hat,” but they are not renaming him.

No, seriously, what the fuck, man?

What are you, a vegetarian?

Well, a friend of mine just suggested soaking a sponge in bacon grease and letting it eat a piece. Apparently it will expand in it’s intestines and constipate it. Now that may sound horrible, but think of what could happen to it if I just let it run outside, somebody could like return it or something.

If there ever was a purpose for PETA…

Just take it the SPCA.

Or move out.

I’m with Trillian, fuck you.

Seriosly GSG, how heartless can you be?

Lol sin, I’m glad we see eye to eye on this one. And you guys, I don’t think the SPCA will take my sister.

As for being heartless? All creature will die, all items will be broken, that is the law of samurai.

You’re a moron. Not that anyone else couldn’t tell already, but wow you sure blew it with this one.

Mind you a pretty good troll attempt. So I guess you get points for knowing how to be an ass on the internet.

Samurai Showdown deserved better than this. It had Gen-An, man. Fucking Earthquake. C’mon.

But in all seriousness, I am trying to get rid of that dog. It wakes me up every day with its crying because we keep it in a cage.

Here’s an idea, talk to your sister and parents about it and quit bitching about it here. This a video game message board, not a Dr. Phil crisis line where you can dump all your problems.

Yeah Setz, your problems are funny and all, but we’re not the ones who you should be going to to solve them.

A few years ago I lived a few houses down the street from this family that had a beagle. And this fucking dog would never stop it’s awful Beagle baying, literally for 10 or 12 hours a day they would let this dog just bay and bark and howl as it paced back and forth from one side of the fence to the other. So my neighbor that lives on the opposite side of the street cant stand it anymore, he takes out a pellet gun and shoots the damn dog and kills it. But here’s the thing. The owners could have let the dog inside and it wouldn’t have bothered anyone. And you can join the navy and get away from your families pet. Go fuck yourself GSG, you faggot ass piece of shit.

My family used to drive me crazy with stuff like this. Then one day my mom woke me up and said, “Happy 18th birthday now get the fuck out of here.” Ive been much happier since that day.

Oh and fuck you for being mean to animals.

This guy is awesome. Redturtle, not GSG.

I’m sorry if my heart warming adventures can’t be as light hearted as the real Setz’s, but this is a different time, a different age. Give me a fucking break people. All I’m asking is a good way to get rid of a small problem. Think of me as one of the ghost busters or something.

The ghost busters were scientists, historians, psychologists and professors at universities. At the very least they were smart, funny, clever and good hearted. You’re none of these things. How dare you compare yourself to a ghost buster.

They were hitmen. Or maybe highly advanced pest control.