So the Golden Globes were cancelled...

And good riddance. I actually hope the Oscars get the axe too. I really don’t like award shows. I think they’re pointless, expensive and overhyped wastes of time.

Anyway. I was looking at the list of the Golden Globe winners (its not because I hate the concept of award shows that I don’t think people deserve to be recognized) and I couldn’t help but think “WHAT THE FUCK”. How could American Gangster, Micheal Clayton and Eastern Promises have been amongst the top drams of the year? I HATED AG, I thought Micheal Clayton was an uneven mess and Eastern Promises didn’t floor me to the point where I had a kneejerk reaction it deserved an award.

Was the past year of movies so bad? In retrospect, it really feels like it.

Question, which movies does this actually take into account? All the movies leading up to it, or is there an actual cut off point?

If not, I am disappointed not to see I Am Legend, as I thought - ending excepted - it was a really good movie.

The only awards show worth watching is Spike’s Scream Awards. It’s actually entertaining.

Haha. Yes, I completely agree. American Gangster was particularly boring. -_-

I thought I Am Legend was actually decent too.

What did you guys have against American Gangster? My only beef was that it was trying too hard to be the new Godfather.

On the plus side, it had an interesting anti-hero vs. anti-villain (if that’s the word) dynamic, a non-predictable plot, memorable scenes and dialogue.

Another movie which should have won some Globes is No Country For Old Men. I’d probably like the movie better than AG were it not for NCFOM’s craptastic ending.

EDIT: I see that NCFOM did win a couple awards. Bravo!

I watch the Oscars mostly for skits/hosts:

Bring back Mr.Crystal!

I was thinking about it, and I completely forgot some of the movies that came out this year. They were reeeeeeeeally good, but no one else liked them. Like The Zodiac, 3:10 to Yuma, Knocked Up, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, The Orphanage, Hannibal Rising, Breach, 1408, and a bunch of other ones. I don’t know why they didn’t get nominated for hella awards. :frowning:

It had a very literary ending. That makes sense given that the movie is based off of a Cormick McCarthy novel. I ultimately liked the ending. It gave the movie a different feel than some grand resolution would have. Javier Bardem really deserved that award too.

3:10 Yuma :confused:


I was actually looking forward to the Oscars since Jon Stewart was supposed to host them again this year. But if that doesn’t happen, then meh.

As for what flicks I think deserve it… hm… that’s a tough one. 2007 was full of movies I was really hyped for, but wound up being mostly disappointed by, by varying degrees at least.

Spiderman 3 needed to end a half hour earlier and save Venom for a different movie.

At World’s End needed at least a dozen unnecessary plot threads removed.

Transformers needed more freaking TRANSFORMERS.

Live free or Die Hard had lots of pretty explosions but, as Penny Arcade put it, was brain poison.

Stardust was… alright. I really don’t have anything outstanding, good or bad, to say about it.

Golden Compass was kind of bland, and I’m not even familiar with the original books.

Order of the Phoenix also felt a bit watered down in areas (and again, I’m not familiar with the original material outside of the movies)

Knocked Up was a fairly decent comedy, all things considered. I think it was trying to hard to be another 40-year old Virgin, but it still a high number of laugh out loud moments.

Superbad was one of the few movies this year I had NO good expectations for whatsoever and wound up being pleasantly surprised by. I wound up laughing with it rather than at it, which is the opposite of what I expected.

Hairspray overcame the momumental task of being a musical that I would find entertaining. Normally I loathe musicals and I entered the theatre just to see if I could bear to sit through it, and I honestly kind of liked it. Even though I’ll never be able to burn the image of Travolta in a fat suit out of my mind for as long as I live.

wtf. not to mention ratatouille got best animation.
Persepolis ftw. idiots. =_=;

American Gangster’s problem is that it turned out to not be the Godfather. It wanted to be the Godfather and you saw that through the trailer. Every chunk of info they gave in the trailer was presented in a very anticlimatic way. I believe this is what really killed the movie. It essentially had a really crappy script and was badly pieced together. It needed to be shorter because it meandered to much; it needed to emphasize the important points and events better because the movie was an uneven, boring mess.

I agree we had some really great stuff, Tranformers and Live Free or Die Hard, but as was mentioned earlier, those are fluff. Even the fluff turned out badly , especially with Spiderman 3 and PotC3 (I was pissed off at how they bungled it). I was pleasantly surprised by HP.

Did… Did you just say Live Free or Die Hard was great stuff?

He also said they’re fluff. Bad fluff.

Yes, Persepolis should’ve won that ( and would have if it wasn’t foreign! )

For fluff, it was great. It was completely ridiculous but I highly enjoyed it. In fact, just thinking about it makes me laugh right now.

I rather enjoyed Eastern Promises. It was an interesting environment, and I think it probably could have gone on longer but atleast it leaves some implied scenarios. A friend of mine said American Gangster was good (although I didn’t check it out). I’d probably watch it to judge for myself.

I agree with RPT on Stardust, can’t believe I forgot that.

And Beowulf should’ve got best animation. <.<

Yeah, it does seem like something you’d find in a book. When I told my dad - who I saw the movie with - that I didn’t like the ending, he assumed that I wanted something with more finality, or at least some kind of point to it. I didn’t feel that way at all.

My problem was that I felt the final scene was trying to make a point, and trying too hard to be subtle and cool about it. But it didn’t come across as subtle or cool at all, and I didn’t even really get the “point” they were trying to make. Maybe if I saw it again, I might like it better. In a book it would probably be better.

I would have been very happy with an ending with no point whatsoever. I thought the movie was going to end right as “Sugar” was limping away from the car accident. If it had, I really wouldn’t have had any beefs with the movie, at all. I was still very impressed, in spite of the ending.

Yeah. I imagine the ending would make a bit more sense in context of the book.