So strange

I’ve gotten almost straight A’s this semester. So far I have 4 As and a B and I’m just waiting on one more class. I felt that this semester didn’t go as well and one of my classes I didn’t even put much effort into. If I get an A in my last class (highly doubtful, but I’m already surprised by some of my As), this’ll be my best semester in college yet (hell, maybe ever). Sweet!

congradeulations :toast:

Lucky you.

But then again, products of the ‘American education system’ are always iffy.

dddeeeerrr were all stupid, aw shucks, i gone done cut my finger on the screen door again.

Or maybe I’m just a fuckin’ genious!

P.S. You suck. I guess that is why so many people from all over the world come to America just to go to school, because our system sucks right?

EDIT: Thanks guys.

As for the reasons for the grades, I’m guessing I just aced my finals, which was enough to pull me into the A range (I was only expecting one of the As since it was Karate).

I should also add that I’m partly surprised since I didn’t study as much since I was always working on a court case for one of the classes since I was the lead attorney. I also didn’t get much time to study for one of my classes since I had work the weekend before finals and the final was the next day.

I just got my last grade and it was a fucking A! Right on!


You’re in the marines, right? So I take it you’re doing a far more rigorous curriculum than most. A’s is impressive, too. You may or may not be learning much, but it takes discipline nonetheless to plow through loads of work. Good job, I guess.

But I still agree that conventional american education isn’t really up to par. I mean, it’s decent, but nothing compares to independant learning and good old fashioned experience. The problem is, those wont get you a Ph.D >_>;

That is why most american schools now require internships to graduate

I don’t know if I’d call internships real experience.

You know alot about american colleges for someone who is in high school and lives in canada

And you’re exactly as fragile-ego’d and arrogant as I’d expect from someone who lives in Wisconsin, if that is where you live.

Do you want me to tell you what american undergrads have told me about internships?

ha ha! Touche’ hades, you’re allright

And what I know about internships is that I was in one, most undergrads have to do internships, it depends on what school you go to as what they have you do. I know some they just make you get coffee and make copies, but the one I was in had me doing actual work.

What I’ve heard about internships is that you’re basically the running bitch. You’re never the master of the show, you run the small-time errands that no one else can be bothered by. False as that may be in some cases, that description is pretty consistent from the accounts I’ve been given.

Edit: Okay, I read your edit and that’s fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

True friendship conquers all!

ps; Don’t complain man, yeesh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, and now we are both wiser as a result of this thread, thank you infonick!

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