So soft... ^^

hm, point. :\

The Rez Trance Vibrator still beats it out.

But I want that. But not enough to get an X-Box for.

I second The Spazzy One. I’m saving up for a GameCube. The only question now is which game to get first. :smiley:

MINE! *hiss

The problem is that most of the people who really buy that to not resell it on ebay most likely aren’t going to get laid anyway.

I was considering an X-Box anyway…

We are thinking of the same person, aren’t we?
Um PILLOW FYTE to decide the winner of the non-existent pillow?
thwaps Devillion first harhar

Yea, we are thinking of the same person, but i just now realized that it is a body pillow…i thought it was one of those like, boppo-the-clown pillow bag things, where you punch it and it comes back up…not a sexually provative masturbation pillow >_>

Yes its mine! :yipee:

You mean Bozo the clown?

If all 5000 of these things do sell out in Japan, then I REALLY won’t be able to imagine what eBay will sell them for.

What a waste of kawaii… fights off the nasty mental images