So soft... ^^

Select XBoxes to be released with life-size Kasumi body pillows.


If I had a drink right now I’d be spraying it everywhere. Actually wait a minute, I’ma go get one…

Fantasizes naughty things about Kasumi

I guess this gives new meaning to have sex with a pillow.

Wonder how much they’ll go for on ebay…

Now if they had an Iori Yagami(king of fighters?) pillow…

starts mopping up the drool

I can’t imagine what this’ll sell for on ebay.

And I’m afraid to try to…

Dot dot dot …

As I said, the bottom of the barrel is no obsctacle if you’re desperate enough… Why they couldn’t get a proper blow-up doll instead is beyond me, though.

Because that would have been too blatant, even for Tecmo?

I was actually referring to the sad acts who are going to buy these things, but it’s good to see someone’s faith in humanity hasn’t plummeted to irretrievable depths yet. :wink:

Nah, Pie’s faith is long gone. He just misunderstood you since he’s simple.

<It had to come.>

Umm… not really. You’d still be… having sex with a pillow. =p

At least with these pillows, the world population might stop increasing so fast since those who have it will no longer have a reason to reproduce

BM, that’s just scary. … and yet so true …

I am so gonna buy that just for the pillow so I can have sex with it!
<small>And maybe, yknow, Halo</small>

“Buy an X-Box and get a big pillow with a polygon fantasy girl printed on it!”

That’s a pretty sad advertising gimmick…if you’re gonna sell limited editions of fancrap, at least make it not blatantly sexist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if they can get away with allowing DoA Volleyball to exist, they can get away with anything.