So.... Palin resigned.

Alaska may very well have a Department of Law. In fact, after doing a quick Google check, it does. She used the term that was most familiar to her. She was stupid for not having actually learned what would handled such matter (I presume Attorney General or Office of Counsel to the President of the United States). She didn’t know the name for the presidential equivalent to the Alaskan Department of Law, but she should have done the research beforehand (or at the very least stated she could not remember the name off the top of her head).

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Palin hinted that whether she holds elected office again or not, she does not intend to live a quiet life made up entirely of family fishing trips. “I don’t need a title to be the one to usher in what it is that needs to be done in our state or our country.”

Palin conceded many people are still confused about why she decided to leave office.

“You know why they’re confused? I guess they cannot take something nowadays at face value,” Palin said.

I don’t know what to say about this…


…Ah! That’s the ticket.

We know that only [SIZE=“7”]DEAD FISH go with the flow[/SIZE]

Wow, that’s like going to a job interview with no knowledge of the role you’re going into and not even giving a cursory check into it.

Ann Coulter on the resignation:

[i]It is, you know, no surprise that the feminist movement came out of the left because liberal men are rabid sexists, though I must say I think a lot of the hatred, probably a majority of the hatred for Palin is coming from liberal women in New York who have overheard their boyfriends saying well, you got to admit, she is good-looking…

And by the way the lieutenant governor is a totally great guy so she’s leaving Alaska in good hands. She won’t be — the business of Alaska won’t be eaten up by all these idiotic ethics charges and now she can go off and write her book and give speeches and be what she’s supposed to be, which is like a huge star…

Yes. Not only that but we don’t know exactly what will happen but we know that Obama has gone abroad so he will do something bad for America’s interests. That’s besides oil prices going up, the one thing Russia cares about is making sure Poland, our ally, does not have a strategic defense system and so yes, the odds are on Obama giving it up…[/i]

Palin / Coulter in 2012! Save America…and the rest of the insignificant world!

I really want to punch Ann Coulter in the face.

Yeah because Ann Coulter’s opinion matters

“I know that I know that I know that this is the right thing for Alaska.”

Sarah Palin knows what’s right for Alaska… not once, not twice, but thrice.

Wow, she’s had a history of going nuts, and did the exact same thing she filed an ethics complaint about against another republican.

Can’t make this stuff up.

It’s wholly fallacious to say feminism emerged from left because of sexism in the left. It’s far more likely feminism originated in the left since the left, politically, had more room for it, at least in its recent incarnations. This is not an allegation of greater sexism on the part of the political right, merely a case of traditionally right and left opinions and where they intersect with second-and-third-wave feminism. For instance, a large part of second-wave feminism was equal job opportunities and pay for women. A large part of conservatism is a free-market economy. The political goals of feminism, which could require government intervention in the market to equalize males and females, do not greatly align with conservative politics, even when a conservative’s social/philosophical opinions may align with feminism. Basically, given the general goals of feminism, if one tries to achieve them politically, one’s political decisions will align more with the left than with the right.

Neither party is inherently more sexist than the other, necessarily. Some political ideologies are simply better suited to achieving feminism’s goals through politics than others are. One can believe women should have equal pay, but not believe in regulation to cause this, politically.

Arac, are you suggesting Ann Coulter could be wrong?

Either she can be wrong, or Canada sent troops to Vietnam (Caninjas if you will)

Canada killed JFK.

Also: CBC is nazi propaganda!


I still stand by my opinion that if Ann Coulter would just eat a damn biscuit she’d be a much less angry person.

Biscuit…or cookie?

Man, Palin. Too mean and unskilled a politician for VP.

Palin, would spend way too much time on her 'do to be VP.

Either one would work. :smiley: