So much for the Arab world acting maturely

Now that’s just low. Refusing to play in the special olympics because the other guys are jewish.

Better than murdering the Israeli athletes in a hotel. However, it saddens me that the Olympics, an event I feel should put national rivalries aside, has become politicized. I guess that first was apparent in the 1940 Olympic games.

This saddens me, but it does not surprise me. The world is still full of bigots.

Nothing new. The US, in its “roadmap” peace thingy, had to attend two separate meetings with the heads of Arab countries because they refused to meet in the same room as Israeli diplomats.

alright, children, can we say “im-mat-ture”?


very good…

There were no Olympic games in 1940… I also wouldn’t refer to Black September as “the Arab world”.

gotta love politics…

“Mommy, I don’t like him, I don’t wanna see him”

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Where do you get off asserting complete equivalence between the entire “Arab world” and an unspecified number of contestants in the Special Olympics from two countries? It’s hardly a shocking novelty, since the regular Olympics have certainly been politicized for a long time; in fact, American athletes boycotted them when they were held in Moscow.

Not to make fun of retarded people, but they can’t exactly make decisions like that on their own, no do I think they harbor any anti-semitism on their own. And I really don’t think you should condemn someone’s maturity if you’re going to be making snide comments like that.

What are you on about? I never even mentioned anyone’s “maturity,” since I don’t have the habit of using it as the sole criterion of judgment for every post I read and mentioning it in every post I write. Additionally, the bit about anti-Semitism is purely your own personal extrapolation, and does not emerge from a single part of the article. Nor does the possibility that someone put them up to it (which is quite likely) even begin to prove that an unspecified number of athletes from two countries withdrawing from competition is somehow the fault of the entire “Arab world.”

Your whole sarcastic bit suggested that I was wrong simply because I hadn’t specifically stated a point. Sorry for not spelling it out for you plainly. Would it kill you to be a little nicer?

That was my point, Sil. Legend of the Olympics holds that in Greece, even if there was a war going on, the warring sides would lay down arms temporarily for the games. But thinking back, the 1936 games may be a better example of something that should celebrate the spirit of competition being used as a political tool. Of course the whole US vs USSR during the Cold War didn’t help either.

Close. It suggested that you were wrong because the point you appeared to be implying did not emerge from the facts in evidence.

Saudi Arabia and Algeria won’t play Israel. What “evidence” is there? Maybe it’s not anti-semitic, but it’s definately anti-israeli. What they’re doing’s just plain inmature.

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
Saudi Arabia and Algeria won’t play Israel. What “evidence” is there? Maybe it’s not anti-semitic, but it’s definately anti-israeli. What they’re doing’s just plain inmature.
Or, at least, the Special Olympics contestants from each. Obviously it’s pointless, though quite in line with the tradition of politicizing the Olympics as I stated above, but hardly the fault of the “Arab world” or indubitably due to bigotry. You appear to have now retracted both of those claims, however.

Well perhaps the “attitudes” of the Arab world in general are to blame. Or the attitudes of the coaches. It’s hard to tell, but SOMEONE is acting inmature about the whole damn thing.

What else is new: Hatred is a strong emotion. A bit too strong, some would say, and I agree.

The Arabic World isn’t the first to deny sitting in the same room as Jews, though.

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It’s hard to tell…
And there goes the other claim. Thanks, this was what I was looking for.