So many problems.

Damn, so many problems lately. This is not a good sign. At least RPGC is back up. waits for the next down time (I’m a little tired so I’m a bit of a sarcastic bastard right now)

we noticed and are kinda curious too.

Well, at least info still has the same avatar as before, since he was too lazy to change it after Christmas. =P hopes he’ll have to wait a long long time

Finally, lazyness pays off! Huzza for my ideals!

If we find out WHO killed the site, then we can go on an onslaught against his/her mortal soul.

Anyways…good thing I don’t post much, I didn’t lose that much in here…

I’m posting in a really old thread. Blast from past?

No. Necroposting and not interesting. Don’t do it again.