So last night I went to a new asian restaurant

That’s right, among the many things I did to celebrate St Patrick’s day, I decided nothing could possibly be more Irish than Korean and Japanese all-you-can-eat.

The point is, I tried sashimi for the first time last night, and I did NOT like it! I would describe the experience as “eating flavourless jello that made me uncomfortably aware that there was an uncooked dead animal in my mouth.”

[strike]Someone tell me I’m right![/strike] Discuss.

I personally enjoy sashimi, though I vastly prefer sushi rolls. I can understand why you’d say that, though. My youngest sister feels the same way.

What do you expect? The combined cultures come right out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, of course they are going to serve you colorful, uncooked slop.

I’m shocked :wink:

Anyway, I don’t eat Japanese often but the few times I’ve eaten sashimi, I liked it.

I actually looove sashimi. every time I go to a sushi bar or buffet, I hope they have tons of sashimi, because that’s the only thing I’m eating then. in masses. <3 especially salmon and tuna. need more all you can eat- plates for those. nom nom :3

I really like sashimi too but I can see where you are coming from. I was definitely a bit weirded out before I first tried it. I think it the flavour out beats the texture, so I can deal with it fine.

I think I may have been too freaked out for my mind to even register the flavour, because it tasted fairly flavourless to me. It had a weak sort of flavour tint to it, but in terms of flavour, I was expecting it to be intensely fishy, and it just wasn’t.

Are you more comfortable with the awareness that there is a burnt up dead animal in your mouth?

Frankly, yes.

You don’t want it to taste “fishy”, because I think that’s supposed to be a sign that it’s going bad or the fish wasn’t kept well.

As for flavour, some places are better than others, obviously. If you go to your typical run of the mill Asian food restaurant, well then chances are it won’t taste as good as something from a fancier restaurant. Good job on giving it a shot at least.

That’s what a great comment looks like. I offer “Gila and the Etymologists” if you ever create a r’n’r band.

I just ate a few hotdogs but I didn’t cook them at all. American sushi, mmmmmmm.

It’s supposed to be subtle; intensely fishy tastes generally means that the fish has gone bad :[

It’s not so freaky once you get used to it.

Oh, here you are.

I’m really not that familiar with asian cuisine. Besides the takeout menu of course, but as far as everything else I’ve just never tried it. I think it’s because I’m under the (probably false) assumption that almost all of it involves sea food. And I hate seafood.

That assumption’s not totally false. You could avoid seafood if you really tried, but all of the BEST asian I’ve had was either teriyaki something or fish something else. It’s pretty heavy in the chicken and pork department too. The only thing you don’t really see any of is beef. Have you tried crab before? It’s seafood (obviously) but it’s not like any other seafood I’ve had. If you just hate fishy stuff, you might still like crab.

I like crab.