SO: Last Hope bonus dungeons

Dunno if I’m gonna get decent responses with this, but… I’ll try anyway.

I don’t normally engage in post-game content, but I decided to look into the Cave of 7 Stars and ultimately the Wandering Dungeon

I’m at level 78 right now with Edge, Reimi, Meracle and Sarah. I have 40% exp. boost on each of their weapons, and whatever their latest armour is from En II/Nox Obscura/Palace of Creation.

How good of shape am I to enter the Cave of 7 Stars? What level should I be at? I know I can’t do the Wandering Dungeon til I finish this, so I assume if I can finish the 7 Stars, I should be good to go there.

On Level 102 with the same characters, on B3 and so far it’s pretty managable. The Eagle Rangers were pretty easy. I’ve read I’m in pretty good shape to actually clear the dungeon on the level I’m on, but as long as I can continue to level up comfortably, I’m going to continue to do so.

The Wandering Dungeon was forged by Satan using the bones of … something equivalent to Satan.

Heh, that’s the impression I’ve been getting. Success or failure is purely dependent on how much or how little you’ve exploited the item creation. In the end, I may not even bother with it. The convoluted level designs on the COSS is wearing down on me.

I went down there and found I was just spamming X Claw over and over and over. So I started playing NHL 10 and found I was just spamming slap shots from the point in be a player mode (defenseman). Now I’m playing Super Street Fighter 4 and find I’m spamming Vega’s crouching medium punch.