So I WAS thinking about being a Secret Shopper...

…but I did research.

On for Jacksonville Alabama, there were two listed sites for needed Secret Shoppers. One looked like a scam, and one actually looked beliveable. I’d pay $20 for the fee to get into a directory of a lot of companies needing secret shoppers. Then I thought “…why do I need to pay?”

So I youtubed Secret Shoppers and found a report in which stated that it’s basically a scam if you have to pay for anything.

Then I googed up this:

Now, click the first link and read the article. Pretty practical, ain’t it?
“All they give you is a directory of dead websites and other sites that charge you money to join it!”

Now look at the three websites this guy recommends.

Ok, next, click back on your brower and look at the link right below it.


A scam in a scam.

So, screw secret shopping. I’m going to go make godamn chicken fingers for 5.85. Or get a mindless zombie factory job.

Then again, it IS the internet. (durh)

Safeway pays better than that… at least here it does. $9.47 is the wage you can expect in the deli, at least.

And lol, secret shoppers. None of us pay any attention to their reports at all.

I wouldnt be a secret shopper. I have no interest in buying secrets at all.

The minimum wage is different than USA and Canada, I don’t think his wage would be $9, starting atleast.

Originally Posted by Dragons Revenge
I wouldnt be a secret shopper. I have no interest in buying secrets at all.

But it’s a secret to everybody.

Dodongo dislikes smoke.

Fuck minimum wage, with Alberta’s economy you gotta pay at least $10 or $12/hour just to be competitive, and you gotta make at least $15/hour just to survive.

But w/e, not like it has anything to do with anything :stuck_out_tongue:

The invisible hand rules all.