So I was at this concert last night and the weirdest thing happened

I’ll just ask. Do girls like being touched at concerts? I was pretty close to the stage and was getting crushed and shit, but there were miraculously 2-3 girls beside or in front of me at always all times, and every now and then I would, “accidentally” touch their butt, and I think their b/fs might have been with them, I don’t know. There was this one girl I did it to like 5-6 times, but she didn’t seem to mind, and even at one point had her entire body pressed against me, and it wasn’t me going into her.

So my question is, do girls just like the attention and being felt up at concerts, or are they too scared to protest once they’re trapped?

Also, this was indeed my first time ever touching a girl’s butt. It wasn’t like I was grabbing it like crazy, but there was definitely touching with my hand and other areas.

Also, I know what question you all are going to ask first, so I’ll just say it, yes I am a virgin. When it’s light out tomorrow I’ll take more well-lit pictures of my outfit/face

I rate this one a 3. Yawn.

3 what? Seconds until you stopped reading?

My old Athens roommate once fingered a fat chick at a Citizen Cope concert.

True story.

I like your serious threads/arguments better.

Unless this is serious…

Its not.

It depends on the concert/the band/the ass.


I feel that the more pressing question is why Zepp gave up on Chinese chicks for Muslim ones? Do you think that you have a better chance of nabbing one over the other, or is there something else that you are reaching for?

Not that I’m trying to rub you the wrong way Zepp, but I just wanted to get a grasp on the current dating situation.

Maybe he’s going for the world tour approach, bang a chick of every country/ethnic group in the world.

It would be a different meaning to ‘I’ve been around the world’.

As for the actual thread, meh. I’m not sure if you tried too hard or not hard enough Zepp, but something’s definitly missing in this trollish attempt. Did Charle get your password or something? This is more his kind of thing.

Aren’t all muslim women circumscribed? That is just weird man, I don’t know why you would want that.


I don’t think they’d be circumscribed, either.

What the hell? I didn’t say circumcised.

He could hit both at the same time by finding a Uigher chick.

I’m aware of that. I rephrased your question so that it made sense. Even then, it was still a stupid question.

But it was designed to make none sense.

If that is the case, then you’re even more retarded than I imagined. :expressionless:

Don’t know why y’all think I put any effort into this at all. I just c/ped an awful post from another forum for your amusement that people actually think things like this.

Also, those girls are super smokin’ sexy but the guys are super scary and I’d be too afraid of getting knifed by one of them for deflowering their women.

I’ve seen this excuse a bunch of times. Why didn’t you just link us to the post?

I just googled it, and either you aren’t lying or you are banned from somethingaweful.