So I may be away for a bit...

So school has started back up (Digipen) and I’m flooded with the following things:

~School Work
~Street Fighter 3: Third Strike practices nearly every night (oooh! spoodge)
~I just broke up with my girlfriend of 1.4 years and I wanted this to happen quite badly…
~And the main reason I’ll be away, Yuki (pronounced Yu Key for those who need to know)

I met her 3 weeks ago. Were hitting it off really well and she and I both have acknowledged that we like one another… so yeah… Hrm…

Life’s interesting.

So, you’re going to be away from the Forum cuz you now have a LIFE? Gee, what a tragedy! :hahaha;

Best wishes, Iz!

He’ll be back. Virtual life is so much better than a real life.

It’s not so much that I’ll be away… just that I’ll well… I dunno, she and I really hit it off RIGHT after my break up which made me feel that I was rushing things… however… I was done with my relationship long before the breakup happened so in my eyes I was already up for meeting someone new. Yuki is so sweet too… gah, This is alot to chew on… Perhaps I need to digest the wonderful past few nights with her before deciding anything fully.

That’d be good. She better not detract you from your WoW playing time. ;_;

That’s my problem with my last GF, I may have messed up priorities, but if a gf tries to get in the way of my games, she’ll hit the road faster than um… somthing really fast.

And now it’s obvious yet somewhat funny for it’s obviousness but has now being ruined by this introduction telling you of it’s obviousness time.
You’re right. No-one should interfere a gaming schedule!

Oh, well…uh, congradulations with the Yuki thing?

And you’re still doing it. Way to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if life calls, thou must… er… answerth… or something. ¬_¬

You go to digipen? How is it there?

Ignore the sarcasm of the bitter, depressing almost 40 year old hanging out in a website chockfull of angsty teenagers. Aaah, life, how you elude some of us.

I hope to god you’re joking.

Hard as shit, no room for slacking off in any digree at all, yet the best thing in my life, to date.

Great school, better than Full Sail, across the street from Nintendo’s USA headquarters… ( I got to go shopping in the nintendo store! Horjay! )

Yeah, good times.

As for Yuki, she’s playing DDR behind me right now, yay

Well okay why do you keep replying? I thought you were leaving?

I’m just kidding. I know the feeling, but I like rpgc too much to leave. Always, always date someone who will never interfere with your gaming. But that’s easy to say, as I’m female. Good luck!

God Izlude. You’re dso fucking lucky. I think I hate youj

I was thinking of transferring to digipen next year (right now I’m in a humble community college… obviously I intend to tansfer to somewhere, given how I intend to become a games designer). Perhaps we’ll meet then.

What, is that their fucking motto, “We’re better then Full Sail, bitch.”? Give me a break, you don’t have anything to compare it to. Unless of course you attened both schools, which you haven’t. If anything I’d say they’re probably equal in terms of quality seeing as how there’s only a few of these sort of speciality schools in the entire country.

ok, Angsty-Mc-Angstagorn, The reason I say this is due to the course comparison. Basically, the course loads are very different and Digipen is 100% focused on video game/production animation and/or video game programming… Where as, Fullsail is for ALL sorts of “next gen” types of jobs, yet they sell the school in magazines and shit with poorly modeled examples insinuating that “full sail” is THE place to become a game maker or designer… Sure, I have no reason to dislike full sail.

P.S.S. She’s grown even cooler today, this is great.

You may wanna see if Digipen offers any sort of class related to vocabulary buidling, since, you know, what Epic said really had nothing to do with angst.

plays his “I have a girlfriend” card