So I just got a scanner and..

Figured I might as well post somethign I had lying around. This is a sketch I did about 3 years ago. Constructive criticsm is welcome. :slight_smile:

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EDIT: Posted in the wrong forum. Could someone move this. :stuck_out_tongue:


What were you going for? Can’t give advice if I don’t know, other than that bmp files are huge and you shuldn’t use them.

What Hades said, I can’t wait that long for this shit to load. Change it to jpeg/jpg/gif/whatever and then we’ll talk.

It’s much too noisy: the foregrown drowns in the background and you have to concentrate to see what it actually is. It’s also a .bmp, make it a .png.

Well, it was supposed to be Yojimbo’s Fayth Statue-thing from FFX.

i like the sketch, i think it looks cool. katanas rock man.

Real cool, man. Like Nulani said, it may be a little too messy. Mark the main lines better with a pen or something…Otherwise, it’ s real well done. (BTW, scan your smurf! :P)

:open_mouth: PERVERT! :open_mouth:

Just kidding… I just found that picture on another site I was at, I don’t own a smurf (unfortunately). :stuck_out_tongue: