So I just finished watching Advent Children

Since I don’t understand Japanese, I can’t comment on the storyline, although I think I have somewhat of an idea on what was going on.

The fight scenes, however, were pretty cool.

Yes, it’s been leaked :stuck_out_tongue:

Any plans on a subtitles translation for the leak?

It’s been subbed :D:D:D

Just so you know, I’m going to ignore any thread that talks about Advent Children until the English version comes out to avoid spoiling myself. If anyone wants to bring something to my attention as a moderator, PM me.

That was totally fucking bitchin. I swear to god, I had a nerdgasm when I found out this morning that it had been subbed >_>

Well, I watched it, and with subs. It’s pretty much DBZ with FF characters, you’re not missing out without the subs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what to think about it.
The little FF fanboy in me beckons me to be all “LOLAWESOME.”

I can say I loved the music, graphics, voices/voiceacting, and animation skills.

Evil Banzai.

Someone pleeeease gimme a summary!

It’s just Sephroth and Cloud making out for 5 hours. It’s probably the best movie ever made.


They cater to every fanfic out there.

It’s rated “holy shit”

Here is what you are missing:

A FF7 fanboy (girl) after Montreal screening last year

It took about a few seconds before the crowd exploded in applause and screams.
Sorry if I deafened a few people, I just couldn’t resist screaming a few times. (which I still want to do, a few days later)
Audience’s reaction at the Venice Film Festival
cheering and applauding it. At the end of the film it got a standing ovation like last year.
French film critic
without hesitation, “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” is a great success. It will impress the fans as well as the general public for whom it was primarily intended.

And my monitor is still steaming :wink:

Meh…it was okay.

I thought it was awesome. Though it felt like a chance for SE to show off it’s special effects rather than advance the story line. I ate it up like a good little fanboy though. I didn’t see DBZ in it though, the battles didn’t consist of Cloud calling being constipated powering up.

By that I meant that the only thing worth watching were the fights (which isn’t true for DBZ, though) which were incredibly over the top.



[b]HOLY SHIT[/b]

I’d watch it if my laptop weren’t so shit T.T

Was there even a story? I must’ve missed it in the jumbled mess of swordplay and the 20-some minutes of inchoherent pshychobabble. While it was cool to see everyone, I wanna know, how did they get there, and why? They just all… appeared for no reason. Lot’s over the top action, which is always cool, but it got so over the top that it was extremely corny. Especially where they’re all hoisting cloud up in the air.

2/5. It may appease the hardcore FFVII fans. I’m glad I’m not so hardcore. I was able to see that it was all style and no substanc

The Last Order just came out, jap audio, unsubbed.

It’ll take a few hours for the subs to pop up >_>;;

What’s The Last Order, now?