So I guesss this is what happens...

…when your gone for a week here. You press “new posts” and there’s about 200 of them. Crazy yo.

I’ve seen worse.

Go away for two.

This is why I check RPGC every day. :smiley:

It’s why I check it TWICE a day, if not more! And I don’t even post that much!

you dont have to see all of them…just go to the ones that seem to arouse your intrest.heh,arouse

I’m just checking it after several days. Boy, have I learned my lesson. :hint:

I don’t even use new posts, I just sorta browse.

I changed my mind. I haven’t learned my lesson. I wasn’t here for three days and boom! 100 new posts exactally.
I just use new posts because it’s easy just to see what people have been looking at. If I’m looking for something specific, then I do forum browsing.

I’ve never been a fan of that damn “New Post” button, because you can’t limit the threads to particular forums. There’s 3 or 4 forums here I avoid like the plague.

Like the Free RP forum for example. I look at that one for some comic relief sometimes. No offense to anyone who is serious about RPing, but the comic relief for me comes from people who try to start an RP and triple post in it until it gets locked because no one knows what the hell it’s even about.

Also not a fan of the new post button, or subscribing to threads for that matter.

I just come here and try to post something relevant to said topic. But sometimes, I get drunk, and post random senseless incoherent babbling. Or I type something and mean something else because my brain doesn’t function correctly from all the drugs I did. Lately, not many of the topics have been interesting, or the ones that are good topics get derailed faster than a (insert metaphoric ending here).

This forum and the VG forum are the ones I post in. Once in a while I post in the Anime forum. Not too often, though, as I am not an otaku, nor have I watched anime(or most tv for that matter) for a long time.

Question. Can I change my username to BIIIIIIIIG???

The question was rhetorical, and I don’t know if anyone will actually try to answer it

I won’t even bother looking at how many new posts I’ve got.