So I got a DS

And New SMB and FFIII. I havent had a handheld since the original pokemon games. I’m really liking it so far, but I can’t help but feel like an 8 year old when I play it. Even though the graphics arent spectaular, (at least compared to the PSP) I can’t help but be amazed by them, and seeing FMV sequences on it. Again, because I havent touched a hand held since the the monochrome “8-bit” gameboy.

So now, this is the part where you recommend games to me, keeping in mind that GBA games are also compatable. I’d like to get some castlevania games, Zelda and Meteos. Anything else worth it? RPGs perhaps?

I personally don’t like FFIII DS up to now in terms of game play. The rest is well done though.

FFIV and V for GBA are very good and play on the DS. VI is out in Japan and on its way sometime in the future.

There are 3 GBA castlevanias. The first, Circle of the Moon, was a big hit on the original GBA and is fun. The 3rd is Aria of Sorrow and is widely acclaimed. It also has a sequel on the DS called Dawn of Sorrow, which is almost as good as Symphony of the Night. It is very very good but also very very rare. You can probably get it on ebay for near retail price nevertheless. There is a new CV DS game coming called Portrait of Ruin. Go pre order it at EB to try to get the bonus material.

If you want to play a mindless tactics game, play FFTA for GBA. If you want to play a tougher, more old school tactics game, look for Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis for GBA. There is also a GBA Fire Emblem game.

There are also multiple Super Mario RPG games for DS and GBA if you like those kinds of games. They’re fairly good and funny but I personally get tired of them near the end.

Dragon Quest Rocket Slime is a fun zelda like DQ based game. A little easy and brainless, but fun. If you have people to play with , better.

Mario Kart DS is excellent.

If you want an inovative DS game, try Phoenix Wright Attorney at Law. Its like a hentai game with no porn. Its quite good nevertheless. Another novel game is Trauma Center where you play doctor (not realistic, but challenging and worthwhile).

There’s a lot of stuff for both DS and GBA really… Other GBA stuff that comes to mind is a port of Phantasy Star 1,2,3 in 1 cart, the Golden Sun games (not fantastic, pretty standard rpgs).

Zelda LTTP was re-released for GBA if you want that. There is a new Zelda game coming for DS sometime in the near future.

Sword of Mana for GBA / Children of Mana for DS are disapointing games, SoM more so. CoM I hear is fun to some extent but it is easy to take advantage of and abuse.

Some people here like the beat games liek Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and Elite Beat Agents so if you like rhythm games, they’re very well made and have a wide range of difficulty for replay value.

What am I missing? There is a lot of stuff for DS and GBA.

I’ve yet to play Advance Wars DS that I borrowed from Zero, people seem to like Yoshi’s Island 2 and Meteos is supposed to be a really fun zelda type game. If you like Mega man games, there is the Megaman Zero series for GBA and DS. Megaman ZX is out on DS now. There’s also an Earthbound like rpg called contact that’s supposed to be interesting that came out.

Wow thanks. DOS is rare now? It seems like it just came out.

There’s Zelda: The Minish Cap for the GBA. Of all the original handheld Zeldas, I’d hold it up as my favorite.

There’s Pokemon Ruby, Saphire, & Emerald or Leaf Green & Fire Red if you’re up for them still.

There have been a few Metroid releases. My opinion on Fusion is lower than average, since I got stuck, couldn’t progress, and never finished it. Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid but plays much more like Super Metroid. It’s absolutely great. Both of those are for the GBA. I have nothing to share on the one for the DS.

My pokemania died in high school lol. I was looking for Minish cap when I was getting the DS.

Dawn of Sorrow came out around the time the DS came out. Portrait of Ruin is the one coming. There was a limited re-release of DoS.

Fusion isn’t so bad, its very linear for a Metroid game. I’ve been wanting to play Metroid Zero but never did. I was very tempted to try Metroid Hunters for DS but I am told the controls are_abysmal_.

I can’t emphasize Ebay and EB’s website enough if you need stuff. Phoenix Wright sells for like 80 bucks at the one store that sells it here. However, EB’s site sells it for 30 bucks. Ebay will often easily have rare games at affordable prices.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow is probably one of the best games on the DS, still. Granted I’m someone who really, really likes the ‘Metroidvania’ style.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Tetris DS. It is a surprisingly fun game, and easy to just get hooked into playing it for long peroids of time. It also has Wi-Fi, which is another plus.

Megaman ZX is a good improvement over the Zero series, in my opinion. I never really got into Megaman Zero, but ZX is done very well.

Mario Kart DS is a blast. But if you are unable to pull of quick mini-turbos then you’ll find doing Wi-Fi with it to be damn frustrating because everyone else who can pull them off will leave you in the dust. I still can’t reliably pull em off, oh well.

I really like the Mario & Luigi RPGs, actually. The second improves on the first in some ways, and falls behind in others. (for one, I really dislike the ‘hub’ feel of the castle in the second game, in place of the BeanBean overworld of the first)

I have yet to get Yoshi’s Island 2 or Final Fantasy III, but I WILL be getting them.

Super Mario 64 DS is a mixed bag. The new characters and new maps give the game an interesting new perspective, but using the touchscreen to control is nowhere near as friendly as the analog stick in the original, and the D-Pad is pretty limiting. I managed to get all 150 stars by pretty much using the D-Pad the whole game, but it wasn’t easy. If you really, REALLY liked Mario 64 and don’t own a N64 copy, then perhaps get it. Otherwise, you could download it on the Wii and then use a real analog stick again.

I hear Super Princess Peach is a pretty good, if short, sidescroller.

Nintendogs is also intriguing, but I have yet to play it for myself.

I really like my DS. I just recently got Magical Vacation, Elite Beat Agents, and Contact. And from what I’ve played of them so far they are great. Especially EBA. If you like beat games its a must. Magical Vacation is just like most RPGs. It’s got some really good qualities and no bad ones. Contact is just plain good ole fun.

And I must say if you find a copy of Lunar: Dragon Song do not buy it. It is just a shabby copy of the Lunar series. It has some good points but so many bad ones its not funny.

And thats all.

I picked up Yoshi’s Island 2 a few days ago. It’s quite good, though the map music SUCKS compared to the original. They even toned down Mario’s crying.

And I’m quite proud of Sin for recommending everything that’s good because now I don’t need to pull a huge post out of my ass.

If you like old school stuff with some replay value you can try Tetris DS and Wario Ware Untouched.

I’m really liking it so far, but I can’t help but feel like an 8 year old when I play it.

Exactly. And the fact that it says “Nintendo DS” on the band when you put it in your pocket doesn’t help anything. It makes you look like some rich kid that’s asking to be mugged.

ON GBA games:Castlevania AoS is worth getting, Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance was quite cool. I found Castlevania’s CoM controls a bit sluggy. The Mario & Luigi RPG was more than entertaining, the usual MRPG style, a bit lighter than the SNES game. Zelda:Minish Cap is like a mix of “old-school” zelda with the N64 races and more focused on side quests.

Metroid Fusion is more linear than the rest of the series though at a point you can roam freely on the map. It has more story than usual for a metroid (nothing spectacular) and a few twists that add interest to it (btw at long last you can hang from ledges.Yippee!). Metroid Zero is a remake of the NES Metroid with a long extra part after you beat Mother Brain. If you play it after Fusion it’ll feel like you’re cheating (stronger body armor).

There are also the ports of Breath of Fire I, II and FF Chronicles I&II. I’d also recommend the remake of Shining Force:Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, with brand new graphics (wooh!). It’s a tactical RPG and quite fun. Don’t touch the Shining Souls with a ten foot pole though, unless you thought Diablo didn’t have enough battles and you’d like to add NES game difficulty to it.

Oh yeah I fogot about BoF and FFI+2. FFI+2 is worth getting. I personally am not a fan of the BoF series. I also didn’t like Harmony of Dissonance for GBA. Its a mixed bag.

I never played Shining Soul but yes the concensus is that it blows.