So I finally paid off my car loan today

…and less than 12 hours later, I fucking hydroplane on a sharp curve into a guardrail that destroys the passenger headlights, fucks up the paint, the bumper, the corner of the hood, and a bit of the body behind the light. <i>Dammit.</i>

I pull myself together and drive home with one head light, right? Well, a bunny comes out on the highway and I swerve to avoid it… it jumps right into the path of my wheel at the last second. <i>Fucknuts.</i>

Most fucked up drive home from a college campus I’ve had.

That is both horrible and hilarious. Well done.

Sucks man. Hit bunnies, don’t avoid them.

slow clap

Ouch. I had a similar experience. I paid off my car a year ago, we had a snow storm, I was going 20 KM under the speed limit and still it was so slippery that even with winter tires the car slid sideways into a curb and bent my old tire rim… sad =(

… Bravo?

From my own experiences: Roadkill the rodents.

You do not start to perform evasive maneuvres on a frost-covered road and with a car on your next lane closing by. The situation in hand involved a few tipsy backseat passengers who awarded me with these following comments:




healthy laughter

The only cute and furry creatures you should swerve to avoid are children and the elderly. Everything isn’t just fair game but also highly recommended.

Heheh. I’ll keep that in mind with rabbits next time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure Elmer Fudd would be proud of me though.

Wewe you vewy vewy quiet?