So I am a teacher now.

My first big-person job, a big step for me.

I got the offer from the English institute I went to for the last three years and even though I haven’t even discussed the pay yet, I took it immediately for a number of reasons: It’s a very good opportunity for a stable gig, it’s a very RARE opportunity, the environment is as friendly as it gets, my ex-teacher-now-boss adores me and there’s really no one hiring anywhere else for anything. Besides, it’s only two hours a week per group, and I doubt I’ll take more than three, so it allows me to attend University (I’m starting next Monday, by the way) with no problems.

I’ll simply be instructing intermediate-level students on basic stuff like grammar, pronunciation and all that, so it shouldn’t be too complicated even for someone so completely inexperienced as me. The one thing that feels awkward is that my students will be very possibly near my age or even higher, as there are some adults taking courses too.

When I consider that I’m going to start University AND this job at the same time, it really scares me a bit since it’s so much at once, but I’ll just have to see how it goes. Either it’s going to be interesting.

So… yeah.

Cool. Congratulations.

Are you studying to become a teacher in school? Do you plan on getting a degree in education?

My best friend is a high school teacher. He loves it. It is very rewarding work. And when he first started, he wasn’t much more than 4 years older than some of the kids he was teaching. I don’t think the age differece, or lack thereof, will be a problem for you. As long as you seem to know what you’re doing, they will respect you.

Heey, congrats :slight_smile: That’s really neat. It may be tough to work and go to the university at the same time, but if it’s only a few hours a week you should be okay. Good luck!


It’ll pass once you realize it’s actually a fairly common phenomenom once you get past obligatory education.

I’ve done a lot of teaching/tutoring. Its harder than you’d think for the reasons you might not be aware of. Teaching people your age or older isn’t that big a deal really. It helps to get a more personal interaction sometimes. There are other more significant reasons than age that will affect the respect they have for you.

Good luck!

Congratulations man! I taught a French class to fifth graders once and it was fun, but it’s not what I want to do with my life. The only recent teaching I’ve done, if you can call it that, is helping my dad with his computer work. However, it’s not really like teaching, it’s more like me telling him what to do. It’s not my fault he’s got no commom sense when it comes to computers, it must run in my family.

The perfect example is when my sister was trying to use my scanner. She put the picure in and everything seemed fine until she asked me, “How do you open the program?”, to which I said “Start->Programs->Epson Scan”. She looked at me like I had five heads and gave her typical “Huuh?” I felt like jumping off a cliff at that point, but what I am I going to do? I live with a bunch of computer illiterate morons.

But I digress, this thread is about you SE. Good luck and tell us how your first day goes!

Congrats, teaching English is fun, although it requires a specific mindset to work properly…

At least you didn’t get grade school/junior high students, they aren’t exactly the types to listen to a substitute teacher :confused:

High school people were okay, since, well, I knew most of them >_>;

Heh. Good luck with it SE. Going to play any awesome pracks with your position?

If so, I wanna hear about 'em.

Congrats on zee work! Hope it’ll be fun!

Teach them Appalachian Southern English.

Way to go, man!
Job and school combined could be hard, but it is feasible. You might have to cut down on VG-play time though. Maybe there is a possibility to include video games into your educational curriculum? Some people learn another language this way :wink:

shudder Education video games, spare them the horror. ;p

Congratulations on the job Seraphim, be sure to tell us how it goes.

Noone said educational video games. He said video games.

I still love the guy who brought OCRemixes to his music class.

I’ve done some private tutoring already, mostly consisting of me going over to one of my classmates’ houses and attempting to explain in three hours what they couldn’t learn in nine months. I was fairly successful with the salvageable cases (there were some that I knew had no hope, no matter what) and made a bit of money. This is obviously (and hopefully) going to be a bit different, but at least I have some idea of how hard it can get.

It’s actually a trait common to people over 30 that never touch anything more complicated than a remote control. I have explained how to access an E-mail account to my mother eleven times and she’s still hasn’t got it.

Jesus, no. I’m going for a translator job. And before anyone asks, this is a private institute and the groups are very rarely larger than five people.

In any case, I’m staying away from schools. Everyone I know, from institute teachers to school teachers, especially my English teacher at school, all said the exact same thing: Whatever you do, get the hell away from here.

“And for next class I want a complete transcript of Raziel’s monologue in the Soul Reaver 1 intro” :smiley:

Jokes aside, I actually learnt most of my advanced English by playing Planescape: Torment.

Teaching English in third world nations is totally the greatest job in the world. I wish I could have done this while in university.

sweet. sounds like a really good opportunity considering the circumstances.

I’m including my 20 year old sister in that statement the only things computer related things she shows any competency in is AIM and e-mail. My dad still types with two fingers, while my grandmother can type like the rest of us.

I fail to see how the number of fingers use to type is a mark of how adept a person is at using a computer. I’m an expert one-finger typer and I consider myself confident with my computer.

I’ve always wanted to be a chemistry teacher.

You’ll never hit 100 wpm if you only use two fingers >:E