So how is Resonance of Fate?

Reviews for the game are scant, which surprises me because it was a moderately anticipated title. So if anyone has played it, how is it? It’s tri-Ace and their track record hasn’t been the best lately. It’s also a current-Gen RPG and with the exception of Vesperia, there haven’t been many enjoyable ones so far so my expectations are pretty low.

To keep it simple, from what I’ve heard, it’s basically Valkyrie Profile 3 except with copious amounts of gunfu.

I’ll let you know more after I get a chance to try it out myself (assuming this thread isn’t dead and buried by then).

From what I’ve heard it has a nonexistent story, but a unique battle system. It does things differently from the norm, but not all of the changes are good. Reviews seem to be in the 7-8 out of 10 range.