So How Do You Guys Feel About.....

FFXI. It seems kick ass with almost endless replay value, but at what cost? I’ve already lost two friends to this game and to be honest I’m afraid to start playing. I can’t afford to have my livelyhood absorbed. :suckah:

I thought it was… alright. Ever since I stopped playing EQ I just couldn’t get into another MMORPG. However, I’ll admit there was some charm going to it, so I don’t know what to say. TD may have a bit more to say.

two things killed this game for me:
~Mob grinding for hours simply is just no fun.
~Lack of Quests.

~Everyone can make the same job class, thus everyone needs to make a rogue to keep up with the broken economy.
~Battle music is great, but when you have to do THAT much fighting to get a level it gets very old, very fast.
~Everyone has a strict set of rules to obey in a battle situation, mess it up even slightly and your whole party could die to a fucking rabbit.
~You’ll always fight crabs, rabbits, and other retarded small creatures that are progressively harder no matter how amazing and heroic your character becomes.

I could go on… but I was only supposed to mention two things that made the game suck…

They did have a good idea in the subclass system though… And mog houses were sweet… Yeah… The game just blows though, unfortunately I spent alot of time on it.

Great MMO if you have friends or like to play with people. If you don’t, stay the FUCK away. There are some major problems with the economy too due to crazy chinese gilsellers which can really piss you off at higher levels, I’m still crossing my fingers to see if this actually gets fixed eventually but I have very little hope for that. I still think it’s the MMO that puts down the best story and the like.

Also, there’s TONS of quests. You just generally can’t do them by yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not all that happy about FFXI. I’ve tried it for like, 20 hours, then stopped. This was at a friends’ house, btw. And it just costs too much.

<i>Worst game ever</i>. Holy shit.

By tons of quests are you refering to that crap that just raised your rank in the city and never did anything good for your characters actual EXP? Those blew hard.

No, those are missions, not quests. There’s a difference, as RETARDED as that sounds :stuck_out_tongue: Well over half the NPCs you encounter give quests, but some don’t open up until you’re a higher level or whatever. I still managed to get 20+ quests at level 1 in a starter town, though.

And increased rank is quite useful, if only for the fact that you get access to new areas and airships and stuff like that. Oh, and there’s the whole “plot” thing.

Yeah, what was up with that?

I liked the game a lot, how everything looked, but the quests that didn’t give experience were very annoying

Whats a gilseller?

Some jackass who sells off gil (or whatever currency a certain MMO has) to companies like , causing massive inflation. It doesn’t help that they usually hammer the money out of the game in the worst ways posible, like camping valuable item drops 24/7 with 30 people at once while killing off legit players. FFXI is plagued with them, unfortunately.

Heh, if you have a group of people to play with, and you ALWAYS group with them, and you’re GAURANTEED a spot in that party, the game fucking ROCKS. I think statics make or break the game, for me at least, I have no patience. I think the game was fun overall but it takes a decently long time to do stuff.

Yeah, the game is really fun if you can round up some friends to level at set times. The whole “party with random dumbasses” bit is a real downside to the game, sadly.

Yeah, at a friend’s house we played with this one party that was awesome. The leader was sort of bitchy, but there was this really nice female white mage. I can’t play at home because my dad doesn’t like games where you have to constantly pay.

Sucks after level 50.

All I have to say is my friend played the hell out of that game along side with me. She continued after i said “screw it” and she went all the way to 60. Once she got her AF gear, she sold her gill online to IGE and bought World of Warcraft with the earned money. I’d say it was worth the transition. At least the gilselling can help people like her who dont want to play the game anymore and would rather not have waisted the time… as much…

Yeah, 60 would be a good point to stop playing. The endgame of FFXI is, well, dumb, and leveling from 60-75 just is PAIN.

Lol. Izlude, I could sell my money on WoW for about 250 bucks right now :slight_smile:

Too bad you fucking love WoW and wouldnt do somthing like that!


I wanna get SC bad :frowning: I have 2/8