So how bout that Gamespot "Greatest Heroes of All Time" tourney?

I don’t think the match ups could get any more skewed if It was a gamefaqs poll. I know the readers chose the contestants, but did they choose the matches as well?

Mario Vs. Bonk?
Nights Vs. the Prince?
Lara Croft Vs. Parappa?
Nathan Drake Vs. Pikachu?

It’s uneven at best, and unfair at worst.

I love Bonk, but matched up against Mario, he doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s going to be Mario, Link, Cloud, or Sephiroth. It always is, without fail.

Soon I’ll unleash the ultimate video game hero!

Marink Clouphiroth!

For whatever reason, I actually did put a bracket in. Not sure why I did it myself, since I don’t mess with Gamespot in general. Anyways, the matchups do look skewed as hell, but I’m already thinking there’s gonna be massive upsets. I mean, Bub and Bob (from Bubble/Puzzle Bobble) are beating Master Chief. WTF?

But, I didn’t do too bad in the 1st round, getting 12 out of 16 matchups right.

I saw bub and Bob beating out Master cheif. I laughed my ass off. Me thinks there’s chicanery afoot.

Skewed brackets?! WHY I NEVER!

It’s common in tournaments, people. It’s called “seeding.” You can see it in March Madness or various tennis tournaments all the time. Sure, this is a tourny of fictional characters rather than a sports event, but you have to admit there are certain characters with perceived higher popularity. Could you imagine if there were a totally random match-up tournament? Mario vs. Link in the first round. On the flipside you can get PaRappa vs. some other podunk hero in like the third round.

It just seemed like they wanted to make it among the best known game heroes of all time, but they wanted to stretch it out, so they padded it with lesser knowns, and matched them up against the heavyweights.
It’s like a song contest on the radio to determine which one will continue getting air play, and putting The Jonas Bros up against an 80 year old accordion player.

I will be disappointed if the L-block doesn’t sweep the board.

Haha, Bub and Bob beat out Master Cheif, and now they’re beating sonic. That’s hilarious.

Not unexpected though. Sonic and Master Chief are both pretty meh. Bub and Bob are AWESOME.

lmao Little Mac is beating Cloud.

Well, beating is his specialty.

How could anyone beat Pikachu? He was the only Pokemon Ash like, ever used. He must have been level 1,000,000 by the end.

You can’t go that high.

So has Mario won yet?

It’s all the wannabe rebels from a certain fourleafclover-ed site messing with the numbers by voting for the unlikely candidate.

4 leaf clover?

Apparently, 4chan is jacking with the votes, or so I’ve read. I guess it makes everything a bit more interesting. Makes me wonder who’s gonna win it now…

Ahh. Lol. I’m kinda happy to see them do that. It certainly does make it more interesting.

Down to the final 4. Quite a roundabout way to make a Mario Vs. Link poll. Though I wonder what would’ve happened if the 4 Chan guys didnt remove Master Chief.