So guys

What did you think about Shinobi? Good game/bad game?

lol, I liked those ninjas

It’s not my favorite game out there, but it’s fun. I’m not as obsessed with it as Hades, but I still enjoy it.

I asume you mean the PS2 game. If so, I agree with 984. If you’re talking about the SMS game, it’s awesome.


It’s like Ninja Gaiden, only hades likes it

Shinobi’s alright. Worth like 20 bucks I’d say.

I liked it, it could have been better, but i think they did a pretty good job.

Both are in my game store is that the Megadrive Ver?


No, we yankees refer to the Megadrive as the “Genesis.” SMS refers to the Sega Master System, which held the very same name in Europe, and was called the “Sega SG-1000 Mark III” in Japan.

I’m not sure that the retro Shinobi is the Mastersystem or a Genisis/Megadrive. Well it’s in a Sega box… that I know for sure…


Listen to sat, Nutter. He knows all and sees all. At least when it comes to video games, that is.

I like it from what little I’ve seen. I wouldn’t pay full price for it, and I’d pay even less for Nightshade. From the one level I DID play it’s good, but it doesn’t flow as well as Devil May Cry 1/3 does.

If DMC flows better than a game that was so natural that I controlled it thoughtlessly with my EYES, I really have to fucking play it.

<A HREF=“”>Master System</A>
<A HREF=“”>Genesis</A>

I want to say that there <I>may have been</I> a Shinobi 1 on Genesis, but I can’t find the box for it right now, and I’m too lazy to research. But the one I referred to above is the SMS game. It is teh awesome.

I don’t think the first Shinobi was released on the Genesis, but it WAS ported to the NES by Tengen, although apparently that port was pretty crappy. The SMS version is the way to go. Unless you can find the arcade cabinet.

Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III for the Genesis are even better. Shinobi III is the better game, but Revenge of Shinobi has all sorts of plagiarized bosses (which gives it some sort of bizarre charm), like Spiderman, Batman, Godzilla, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. (Although in later releases, they made most of the bosses resemble their inspirations less, except for Spiderman, which they made resemble more, but also gave credit to Marvel).

I don’t know anything about the PS2 Shinobi, though.

It was fun for the first 15 minutes

Maybe even half an hour

My Messages were rereing to a Sega box in a game store with which looked simalar to the ones that pictures where posted.


My Mistake. I’ve played it on Game gear with attachemt, recently!

It was a SMS game misplaced in the Megadrive section. Deb’s is going to pay… windytwit style.

Wasn’t all that natural. I had to change the controls just so I could play the game, and even then I still was guilty of very random deaths, like pressing toggle lock on instead of DASH or something. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the controls on Shinobi were pretty clunky, but then again, I think they usually are on 3D platformers.