So... Gomery!

We get a lot of political debate on here about American politics, but there is a large population of Canadians here as well. Canadian politics rarely get discussed, so here’s a good chance!

The findings of the Justice Gomery were released yesterday. The short version is that Paul Martin was exonerated from any guilt, and virtually all of it is falling on Chretien’s shoulders.


I’m not sure if the report really changes anything, this whole sordid affair has been going on for so long that most people have already reached their own conclusion about it. While the release of the first part of the report might have a symbolic value I don’t think that those who are convinced that Martin had something to do with it will be convinced by the report that he really was innocent.

No one really wins in this whole affaire, Martin gets off the hook only by looking incompetent while he was finance minister; the liberal party is mired knee deep in this whole affair. The conservatives keep choosing “radical” right-wing leaders that have no appeal in the east of Canada, the Block only runs in Quebec and the NDP can’t seem to catch a break.

The way I see it, while the liberal party might be looking a little tarnished right now they’re not going anywhere, there’s simply no real alternative.

I still hold to my theory that Canada does not exist and is a hoax made up by the goverment.

For many people the NDP is just as radical as the Conservatives. Although there’s a lot of posturing about how radical the Conservatives are, the truth is that their failure lies more on the complete incompetence of their leaders rather than their “radicality”.

As for Gomery, nobody ever liked Jean Chretien anyway. Martin is basically just doing the minimum his job requires. Unfortunately that’s better than anyone else currently in politics, with the exception of Jack Layton, whose policies aren’t as popular. So we’ll probably see another Liberal government, and cronyism be damned.

Now, that’s not true. This Hour has 22 Minutes and The Royal Canadian Air Farce LOVED him, Chretien gave them an endless stream of material to use.

I don’t even know anything about Canadian politics. Apart from the fact that Dalton McGuinty may or may not be an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet.

If this contest of <i>un</i>-popularity goes on, maybe we’ll have a minority government again come election time.

I still don’t understand having a separatist federal party. It makes no fucking sense to me. I think the Liberals need to steal an idea the Conservatives had: tax breaks to those who use public transit. I’d like that a lot.

Since Martin was exonerated can he just pardon Chretien if he’s found guilty?

What’s the general opinion on Martin? Just from what I’ve been hearing it seems pretty damn unlikely that he didn’t know about this as the minister of finance.

I call bullshit. There may be no proof, but I can’t believe as minister of finances he was totally blind to this.

But this won’t change much. I won’t vote Bloc because I find a party that exists solely to break Quebec out of Canada is stupidity incarnate, NDP is going nowhere, Conservatives are west-oriented and have no grasp of the east, and I got no idea where Joe Clark is anymore.

Liberals are the lesser of evils, to me.

I’m kinda worried how leftie politics make me think about how they are right in how there are millions of low-income people for the handful of ultra-high, but then again, those people worked, studied and blew their life into that kinda stuff, so wouldn’t they deserve it? Then again, their studies and work probably were the result of their parents’ support on such matters, who in turn might’ve been well off from their beginnings.


Wait, Canadian? Shoot. Well, I gave my vote to the local green party. If that matters. Bleh. And all I got was raised public transport fares, no reduced nuclear power and higher electric bills. Damn.

Suddenly I feel like reviving my “Canadian bacon” thread.
This whole beaver saga just smacks of a war between political clans - Martin’s vs. Chretien’s with the latter getting the shaft.

Some members of the loosing team getting purged (barred) from the party after years of loyal, unconditional service: Alfonso Gagliano, Jacques Corriveau, Michel Beliveau, Marc-Yvan Cote, Alain Renaud, Serge Gosselin, Joe Morselli, Tony Mignacca, Benoit Corbeil and Beryl Wajsman. BTW, Beryl has a nice Che Guevara poster in his office :wink:
The best (funniest?) article on the “execution” of the above mentioned.
Well, the only member of the Chretien’s clan that I miss is “Tequila Sheila” Copps and she was not involved in the scandal, at least not directly.
As for the minority government, it will happen again. Results from the latest poll (Oct 27)
So let’s just sweep the dirt under the rug (my interpretation of the poll results). You have to remember that Canadian economy under Martin’s rule, first as the Minister of Finance and now as the Prime Minister, is one of the healthiest of major industrialized countries. The generous tax cuts are coming soon to the theater near you :wink: