So, do you...

Drink out of the milk carton? I do.

Of course not.

You fiend

Not usually, but every once in a while. I live on my own, I can get away with it.

hey sometimes I use a straw >> I’m not all bad.

No, but I drink directly from juice bottles. My mother doesn’t drink juice, so I can do it just fine.


Tis’ a dirty habit that has entangled me in its thorns of milky splendor.

Cups are to be used only for special occasions, like if the Pope were to visit or something.

Sometimes, I do.

We don’t have cartons. We have jugs. With XXX on the side.

No, I come from a civilized sociaty. We use specially designed milk glasses and only ever have the very best home delivered bottles of milk that come from the royal cows of Tajikistan.


Cups and straws are for the weak!!


if i lived on my own i would

You, are NOT HUMAN!

Nothing to be ashamed of, people :open_mouth:

i really don’t drink milk. Orange juice I do sometimes.

We buy milk in bags. But when we have cartons, no. My mom would kill me if I did. 8)

Milk…in bag? I’m not even sure I want to know what that’s about.
No, but that’s probably because I don’t drink milk.

Rarely, but mostly when the carton is mostly full. NEVER EVER from one that is almost empty. Gross.