So, do YOU know your game music?

Take the challenge, vermin!

I didn’t do it officially yet, been helping others guess instead, but I will try and post my score probably tomorrow.

Is it just me, or are many of these frustratingly familiar?

It’s not just you, so many of these I recognise so well but I can’t identify the game they’re from.

143 is driving me absolutely insane right now. I’m fairly sure it’s from something I played the hell out of on my genesis, but I can’t for the life of me remember what.

My God, there are so many.

I’ll second almost everything that’s been already said. (Not to mention the multiple guitar tracks that remind of some song but that obviously isn’t the answer).

I’m TERRIBLE at this lol. I got 1 point in the 15 songs I listened to. Its fun so I might try again later.

Well, since nobody is gonna post their scores.

Points: 192
Guesses Attempted: 25.00%
Correct Ratio: 91.04%

161 is pissing me off…I know Ive played the game!I sold it though! argh!

Points: 46
Guesses Attempted: 9.00%
Correct Ratio: 80.00%

I’m not very good with music, so a lot of these are way out of my league.