So did anyone get April Fooled? Or April Fool anyone?

A friend of mine made me believe for a split second that wisps were the new Alliance race in World of Warcraft for the Blizzard prank, but for me it was mostly business as usual yesterday. It was a Saturday so there were no school pranks (I’ve yet to be a victim of a school prank but news of them gets around fast >.>).

No, no, not really. There’s no point in pranks on April Fool’s.

Yeah, it’s kind of stupid to make a day dedicated to pranks, because then you expect it, and none of them work.

What YP said. If I want to prank someone, I’ll do it on one of the 364 days when everyone’s not expecting it.

It was an omega boring April Fool’s day!

Last year I wanted numerous people to kill me at April Fool’s. It was not a joke. :frowning: I’m sad nobody did it.

I did. I already posted it in Mateva’s thread, but it fits in this topic better.
Our school is putting on a production of Grease this year and we had practice for it today. The school’s drama teacher is a really good actor and everyone loves her. So we started practice with a prayer and as we are all in a serious mood she says this.
“I have an announcement to make. It really won’t affect the seniors, but I thought you all should know. I won’t be coming back next year. I talked about it with my family and I thought that you guys should have someone better than me. I plan on going back to college and becoming an actress. It has been great and I would like to thank you for all the great memories and allowing me to pull off my first April Fool’s joke in my 24 years of life.”
People were on the verge of tears when she said she wouldn’t be coming back and we were all really pissed at her.

My boyfriend came out as a straight man for 30 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I have one for ya. Humanity is a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

I told YP that certain nameless girls on the internet were actually guys.

<i>oh my god it was hilarious seriously oh god it was great</i>

Almost got tricked into looking at this:
My ovaries shrunk up some more.

Someone called my home number while I wasn’t home and told my mom I had died in a car accident. If I ever find out who did it, I’ll pay back with the same prank, only that since April’s Fools has already passed it’ll be like returning the money with interests.

IMO, April’s Fools is the best day of the year to tell the person you love that you love her/him, because if you get a very bad reaction from that person, you can just say “April’s Fools!”. I’m just sad that I missed that chance since I couldn’t find the girl and she wouldn’t answer the phone.

I was fooled into thinking Setz was going to actually post less. Oh, wait, that happened last month.

One Forum I occasionally lurk around had the best idea ever:

They made everyone an Administrator for a day. EVERYONE.

Just picture that in your mind.

While I didn’t get surprise, I did enjoy the April Fool Day jokes from Gamefaq and Starwars Offical Website. The later had a fake news entry saying that Lucas added the movie Willow (which he produced) into the Star Wars movies, including bios for the main characters and the fiction planet entry.

That’s the greatest idea I’ve ever heard.

VE: OMG the horror >_<

The Kingdom of Loathing had put a page in place of their login one saying that the domain had been bought. The new page also had 70-something links to porn. But when you clicked any of the porn links you’d actually be redirected to the KOL login page.

There was also a phantom pickle factory in the woods, right above the hidden temple, but you couldn’t get in.

Ren: As I understand, there WAS a phantom pickle factory. THey’d pulled the same trick last year, but this time, they made the last year’s link take you to it.

At least, that’s what I heard. I don’t play the game myself, so I couldn;t tell you.

WBRU (a Providence, RI based radio station) said that they were being bought out by another corporation and were closing at 5 PM Friday. I bought it because it was still March so I wasn’t thinking, but I caught on the next morning when they “took over” the station guerilla style.

But man, I thought I was done listening to Britney Spears. >.<