So darn cute I will dedicate a thread to 'im!

And we ain’t gonna go no mushy :hahaha;

Happy birthday to the sweetest kitty alive, StarStorm! hugs and pets the kitty

YAY! returns teh hug and smiles Thankies darlin.

I still say you’re sweter though.

Happy birthday to the cutest male mush-mush in RPGClassics.:get it?:

Happy belated Birthday.

Happy B-day, dude. gives SS a box of Pixy Stix, then hides under a methat

Happy BDay! fills Spaz’s house with sugar

I in no way see how this is going to end well…

Oh, right, birthday and junk.

Happy Birthday, Spaz.

you two have your birthdays awfully close to one another.

happy birthday furball :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Spazz. For your prezzie, Enjoy some quotes of you :stuck_out_tongue:

<i> Search for Spazz</i>
245: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] So dont phuck wit me [Rudora] but star, i want to fuck with you! [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Ummmm Ooookay
246: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Hmmm… Monty Python rule of falling Objects… a falling cow does three times more damage than a falling mountain
494: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] You’re a chick? [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Well then, you can be as dirty as you want
528: [evil_jackal-man] you should make all the dogs gay and then… uh… nm / [StarStorm_the_ Spazz ball] Uhhhhhhhhhh (Added by Ratix)
544: [StarStorm_da_ Spazz arific_Kitty] chews on Wert’s head *** StarStorm_da_ Spazz arific_Kitty was kicked by Black_Ninja (Damn Cat! picks up cat by the scruff of the neck and tosses it full speed into the nearest wall Take your biscuits elsewhere! gah!) (Added by Black_Ninja)
545: * Xelo|ShrineyMcShrineShrine slaps Enk around a bit with a horny xzeppelin [StarStorm_the_ Spazz arific] You’re slapping each other with fruit now? (Added by BaalBN)
561: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Ok people, stop fucking with the Quote Script (Added by Steve_The_Abnormal_Guy)
626: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] OOpsie [Xelopheris] SS, that’s what your dad said when your mom became pregnant
628: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] EW EW EW RUDORA WE DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE WET AND NAKED [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Unless you’re a chick. If you are, well, who cares? (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
629: *** Rudora is now known as Rudora|Wet_n_Naked [OmegaflareX] Ahhh! [OmegaflareX] Too much manly shaft! * OmegaflareX runs away from Rudora and dives for cover [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Are you trying to suck up to him or… well, let’s not go there
759: * Dragon_Ninja watches Kagato run off to the shower to spank his monkey [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] That poor Monkey [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Someone call the PETA [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Kag’s abusing animals (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
764: [xI0nGluVeRBoi] u suck dick fagget [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] ACtually no, I eat that [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Human penis is a delicacy where I come from (Added by Tenchimaru_Draconis)
792: [Tenchimaru_Draconis] now stop chewing [Mabatsekker] Yeah, TD might come any minut… doh (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
794: [Emperor_Hades] I look like Trunks. Somewhat [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Trunks in a Sailor Scout costume? [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] That’s just WRONG (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
795: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Oh geez [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] I’m in a gay pride room [Black_Ninja] SS: I’m not surprised :stuck_out_tongue: (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
796: [Kagon] Then maybe I can actually TRUST you for once… [Hades] What do oyu mean “for once”!!! [Xelopheris] He rusted you before, then the condom broke. (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
819: [Hades^-^] Kagon… hold me… these unprivilegded morons are scaring me ;; * Tenchimaru_Draconis holds hades instead * Hades^-^ rips Td’s throat out and feeds it to the goats * StarStorm_the Spazz y_Fuzzball gatling kicks Hades and feeds him to the horny purple donkeys * Hades^-^ kills the horny purple donkeys and feeds them to the goats (Added by Hades^-^)
824: * StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball chews on the kid’s head [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] He shuts up nice like this (Added by Tenchimaru_Draconis)
825: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] I’m a concieted weenie
829: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Reason is not a good weapon against Insanity
833: [Dragon_Tear] woud you please stop quoting everything I say? and dont quote that!!! (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
839: [Hiryuu] * StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball stays in Nulani’s shirt, looking around with my head poking out uunder heres || Pervert!!! (Added by Hiryuu)
840: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Btu my head is sticking out of her shirt [Hiryuu] So? Your body is probably copping a feel. =P (Added by Hiryuu)
899: *** Faetan Quit (QUIT: User exited) [Rudora|Beddy] wow. deadness. *** Faetan has joined #rpgclassics [Faetan] I can’t believe I missed all the fun! (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
901: * Neko_Nulani is 18 in 10 days _;;. [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] You’ll be Legal? * StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball laughs evilly [Neko_Nulani] Legal age’s 16 in Norway…
902: [Sabin_the_Faerie] He is cute! [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] HOLD IT [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] SABIN THINKS TD IS CUTE? [Sabin_the_Faerie] Actually that sounds bad coming from ‘Sabin the Faerie’ (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
904: [Mabatsekker] [Sabin_the_Faerie] Europeans shouldn’t immigrate!!! Get out of America! [— Well, that’d leave the africans and the orientals [Tenchimaru_Draconis] and the aliens [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] AREA 51 [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] That’s teh place that produces people like Sabin, ain’t it [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] It would explain a lot (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
905: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Actually we’re all bored and need something to mock (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
907: [Rudora] [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Hell, you can crack on my mom Rud [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] And I know she isn’t what you would say her to be [Rudora] Bah, shes a good lay…you of all people would know that :wink: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] laguhs But my mom learned from a pro. Your mom (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
949: [Rountree] Oh, good. I thought you were going to say an orgy and barbeque. That would just be weird. [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] “Would you like a steak?” “No but I really want a sausage” [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Sounds like something out of a bad porno (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
952: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Hold on X * Megaman984 holds onto X. (Added by Megaman984)
954: [Rountree] Then shove this pie in your pants. * Rountree gives Xelopheris a cherry pie. * Xelopheris gives Rountree the pie back… IN HIS FACE! [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] I didn’t know Roun’s face was in Xelo’s pants… (Added by Tenchimaru_Draconis)
966: [Rudora_Plushie^^] DT, i thought we talked about you ‘petting’ me ^~ [DT_Hearts] I noticed that. [ Spazz y-Hearts] Well, Rud is a perv [Rudora_Plushie^^] Spazz , point bein (Added by Spazz y-Hearts)
974: [Epicgamer] Ever throw a cat at a person with no shirt on? And the cat grabs with it’s claws for dear life? [Dragon_Ninja] LOL, yes I have. When I lived on a farm. Those wild cats do alot more damage [ Spazz y-GettingMidis] And that’s BEFORE you throw 'em too (Added by Spazz y-GettingMidis)
993: [Leimrey] [Jiharn] heh, listen to this fact on the sex test: 32% of all Star Trekkies are virgins. [[-- That means 68% of all trekkies have hands. (Added by Spazz y-GettingMidis)
995: (Monolouge) [ Spazz y-ApplyingforMUSH] !quote find Spaz - Grah - !quote find Spaz - QUOTE ME DAMMIT [Rudora_Plushie^
^] Random Quote Search For 'Spaz ':[StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] I’m a concieted weenie [ Spazz y-ApplyingforMUSH] HEY! - NOT THAT ONE (Added by Spazz y-ApplyingforMUSH)
996: * Rudora_Plushie^^ likes the kitty ^~ [ Spazz y-ApplyingforMUSH] Uhhh why do I get the feeling that “likes” extends to a dildo and butt? o_o [Rudora_Plushie^^] What you talking about?..i wont use a dildo ^~ (Added by Spazz y-ApplyingforMUSH)
1042: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Hey Leim. Can I DCC you something? [Leimrey] What is it? [Leimrey] porn? pleas say porn.
1086: [Tenchimaru_Draconis] Had to go rub my dog (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
1087: [Wertigon] Well you’re in luck Rud [Wertigon] I do have a pic of me =D [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Which kills the viewer instantly [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] But we don’t talk about that (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
1088: [Wertigon] I wonder thou… So sexy I am why can’t I get any chicks? [Wertigon] Must be because I’m so sexy I don’t attract chicks anymore [Wertigon] I repell them [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] You attract dudes then? (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
1089: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] I wanna fuck with someone’s head [Rudogra_Plushie^^] ooo…fuck mine, just avoid my Nose [Rudogra_Plushie^^] Stick to the ear [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Ehhhh No. Not only No, but No way. Not only No way, but No fucking way. [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Not only no fucking way… NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL!!! (Added by StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball)
1090: [OmegaflareX] I’m adding X2K’s sister quote to my sig, brb [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] LMAO X’ll be happy [Rudogra_Plushie^^] Yes, yes he will! ^^ [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Really though, do we have any other hobbies besides humiliating X? [Omegaflare] checks Nope, we don’t [Rudogra_Plushie^^] Spazz , playing RPG’s and insulting X is all i really do :stuck_out_tongue: (Added by OmegaflareX)
1094: [StarStorm_the
Spazz y_Fuzzball] Ooooooo more Sabinny goodness
1107: * Neko_Nulani is 18 in 10 days _;;. [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] You’ll be Legal? * StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball laughs evilly [Neko_Nulani] Legal age’s 16 in Norway…
1129: [PKT_Paladin] Kagon, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve done in front of a girl? :stuck_out_tongue: | [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Besides strip naked
1130: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Why the fuck am I talking to Merl’s F-Serve? | [Sorc] rofl | [Sorc] he said say hi if we wanted | [Sorc] so I figured he had it say something cool if we said hi | [Sorc] but no | [Sorc] I said hello and the bitch didnt talk back
1131: [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] Kagon… who was the first person you really wanted to have sex with? | [ClothHat] Your mom | [GunsmokeMist] ohhhhhhhhhhhh | [StarStorm_the_ Spazz y_Fuzzball] CH, I said Kag. Not you. And I resemble her strongly

Happy Birthday!

Everything you hope for will happen…

Then again, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY! Thanks everyone! You know how to make a kitty feel loved!

hoards the sugar for my tea, and starts downing the Pixy Stix

Happy birthday!

pets teh kitty

Pets the kitty

<img src=“”> kicks the kitty

hapy birfdey

is a kitty

Haven’t you done that joke before?


Happy Birthday! hands starstorm a box of pixy stix

throws a dime at computer desk

You wont get a blessing from me in this thread! I didn’t get my own thread on my birthday! Just because you have someone that cares about you doesnt give you permission to spam!

falls into a fetal position and cries