So apparently Nobunaga's real ambition was to catch 'em all

Yes. This is seriously a thing.

Oh Japan :allears:

Also have a trailer and some photos while we’re at it.

Ah yeah, I saw this yesterday. Laughs were had.

Samurai Warriors + Pokemon is so stupid and mismatched, I have no doubt it’ll be completely awesome.

Let’s say this could be interesting.

It’s not even Samurai Warriors. It’s Civilization + Pokemon with a feudal era Japan twist.

I would like to say “Oh Japan” too, but I’ve already seen much weirder/worse.

Welp, apparently we were both wrong. It’s Tactics Poke with Nobu and friends as trainers.

Is it bad that I’m kind of looking forward to this?

Well now you can.

Although to be honest, I’d much rather have the most recent Fire Emblem game than this (especially since it’s got everything but Pokemon battles in it).

:scream: YOU HEAR ME NOA!!!

mmmmmm love dem skirts