So, an RPGC meet?

So would anybody be interested in having another RPGC meeting some time during the summer in El Paso, TX? If, so then I can host it. I’ve got a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, place, and no roommates, so I’ve got plenty of room. If there is enough interest, I can take some leave, and we can have a good time.

I’d love to meet you all, but el paso?; that’s a little out of the way friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still come, but I’m from canada (as are alot of rpgcers) the heat would be hard to deal with.

If you’d still go then I assume you have a way of dealing with the heat.

Pretty much all meets have been in the US because so far only US members have offered to host them.

If I get the funds, I’d love to go. The question would be getting the funds, though.

Well, given how few of us are left, that’s plenty of room! ba-dum-tish

crickets chirping


I’d love to go, but funding’s tight. I also don’t qualify for vacation days yet (I have to work a year part time, and I can’t go full time until school’s done), so I couldn’t get out of work. So…sorry. Good luck with everything.

Yeah, I would try to go. I have a lot on my plate right now regarding savings and what to do with it though, but I’m sure I could find some cheap air fare if had a date early enough in advance.

The heat? The heat isn’t that bad - it’s the humidity, at least here in Georgia it is.

How about I just try and bum a room from you for part of the summer? You know, try and intern at a law firm in El Paso or something. That cool?

I might be down for that, might have some monies by then.

If you are serious, we could probably work something out.

Great! Any timeframe that might work well for you?

Look i’ll come if you got a console, or something. ^^

It’s not humid in El Paso. It’s just freakin’ hot. But hey! Air conditioners are a godsend. ^^

I might be home for the summer so I could probably go to the meet Info.

There’s a slight possibility I won’t be able to make it if my professors decide to actually host math boot camp up here though.

Great to hear!