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Also, question. Random googling gives me porn sites, so yeah. I’m planning to finally pick up a PS2 sometime next week. Now I don’t give a shit about your game recommendations right now, I’ve already got a list. However, I’ll be getting a PAL PS2 due to living in sucky Holland, and some of those titles are NTSC only (or got raped in the PAL versions). So I’d love some information as to how to get those titles to work. Boot disks and other non-soldering options are preferred greatly, since I suck at life and would end up soldering my penis to the circuit board. I can’t help it, it’s just so enormous.

I also don’t know wether I’ll be getting an old PS2 or one of those newfangled ones, so yeah. Suggestions for both would rock, thanks.

Find out where to get chipped PS2s. Buy one or send yours to them.

If you want a modding without murdering your PS2’s ability to play PAL games I suggest getting a “Magic Card” or whatever the hell they’re called. Basically it’s a CD you put in your console and it makes it able to play games from any area.

Watch for high serials. Most inexpensive mod chips/sliders are locked out on high serials and new revisions. I don’t know how you’ll be able to check this without opening it up in the store :P, but do.

If its slim (new hardware, the skinny one), watch for these revisions-
SCPH70xxV12 (most of them are this)
SCPH70xxV11 (rare)

V11 is still fat PS2 (the original) bios and lockout, but its obviously a new hardware. V12 is all new bios and lockout, and you’ll most likely need to buy cards that will work with this. Since this is newer, these cards/chips are more expensive.

Pretty much, the lower the SCPH/Serial is, the cheaper the chip (not necessarily better).

Also: Sodering a PS2 takes balls. I helped my friend soder his with the Magic soder chip. I don’t remember which version it was (3.1/Pro/V). This chip made you go between layers (the fat PS2s are layered PCB), so you pretty much have to take the whole thing apart. And depending on your Serial, you’ll either have to do some lines, or a HOJILLION lines. We did V5. It was fucking nuts. I think it was like 20+ lines, to crazy small points. One of them was right near a SPU chip. Higher than that and you only need to do like 17 or 18 lines, or so i’ve heard.

On the topic of slidecards/swappers: Now, :P, i’ve only ever used one (SwapMagic), on only one type of hardware (SCPH60xxV7=Old hardware revision 7), and <i>it didn’t fucking work</i>. The game i tried to play on it was BeatMania IIDX 8th Style. Now, it could have been because this game needed a special controller, and wasn’t on the standard disc, i dunno. But it didn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: I was really pissed. Also, it didn’t play backups right. It would play SOME, and not others. I was never able to determine what characteristic about one disc made it work as opposed to the other. =(

However, on my PS1, i used a similar solution (Breaker Pro, which was at EBGames, believe it or not :P) and it worked amazingly well. Its a swapper, meaning you load the disc, then load the game. It worked with all my backups. I never tried an import. I loved it.

Then there are pluggers, but i’ve never used them. =( Can’t tell you much about it aside from the fact it plugs in (like PCI) into the PS2. I don’t even know how the fuck that would work, i can’t think of anywhere that it would go into, aside from USB/IEEE1394, but i know sony restricts alot of their access to the system, :P. Also, i’d imagine this would be version version specific, because i’m sure Sony has locked it out by now.

My XBOX is modded too, (XCuter2.6), so i guess i’ve got experience.The XBOX was a piece of cake compared to the PS2. You can attempt the soder if you want. Sodering isn’t really that hard. =\ If you’ve done it before, you probably have enough skill to do the easy leads. Most chips you buy give you HUGE points on the chip (the XBOX chip’s points were like pennies :P) but the hard part is getting the leads down to the board. On the Xbox it was bad, but i had alot of room to work with (thank god its so big :P). On the PS2, there were alot of leads we let go 'till the end, then we lit candles and prayed before attempting to hit them. Like i said, one of them goes down a board, then right next to a SPU chip :P. I’m only adding this huge paragraph down here because i got carried away, and because of my bad experience with the Slider i purchased. Maybe you’ll get a good one.

So, really-long-post-that-i-got-carried-away-with short:
>Check Versions
>Go for low Serial if you want a cheap chip
>Soderless solution failed me, maybe it’ll work for you
>Sodering a PS2 is incredibly insane.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me, even though this is kind of weird 'cause i originally asked you about chips before i purchased mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could probly figure out how to do it to the anorexic PS2 if you get one. If you do, ask me.

I looked into Swap Magic a bit, and their website/fixes sites claim that Swap Magic 3.3 work with the new Olsen Twins PS2 (that serial you posted), but some games might need additional fixes in order to work properly. Have you tried this/what version did you use, Dev?

I’d believe that it still works. Unlike a modchip, a board revision couldn’t lock this hack out, since it (afaik) is doing its unlocking through a software exploit. I don’t know exactly how it works though =(

I used Version 3 (on a revision 7 fat PS2, like i said). I don’t think it was the new 3.3, but i really don’t know because the version number wasn’t really mentioned anywhere (like it is on the new 3.3, which has the version number right on the CD).

Like i said, my game did not work, but it was not on the standard PS2 disc. It was one of the old “Blue-Bottom” PS2 discs. It was an official game, however. Also, it used a special controller. I don’t know if this would matter, but it may have been the reason it did not work. Unfortunatly, i was did not try another import, as i didn’t have one, so it could have been that i got a bad copy of the software or something. It didn’t play Backups either, like i said, which makes me think it was a bad software, because i asked about it on NGEmu and (before my thread got closed :P) people responded saying theirs worked fine. Maybe it was my burning program?

Also, i was not aware fixes were availible. I tried some of the methods suggested for getting the SwapMagic software to work (ie, loading a silver bottom disc with high TOC before loading what i wanted to play) and i also tried methods of getting Backups to work (ie, using DVD-Rs on slowest speed), and these didn’t work. However, like i said, i didn’t know fixes for individual games were availible, so no, i did not try them.

hugs Jango :slight_smile:

I would’ve posted some Rammstein, most likely the Mickey Mouse part, but I thought it’d be inappropriate or something. Yay Rammstein, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those guys seem to be one of the leaders in system modification.

Incidentally, my ps2 is curretnly away having a DMS4-Lite modchip installed. My balls aren’t big enough to go screwing with the motherboard. :stuck_out_tongue: