So a while ago, I posted about Powerglove

The game-metal band. Well, they have a new album in the works and they got some new music on their myspace page.

Check it out.

What’s that, they didn’t follow my advice to start playing power metal! Why does everyone cover Vampire Killer btw?

I want a band to cover the the music from the first level of Castlevania IV.

I’m still waiting for a good speed metal Gilgamesh (FFV) theme. No cover so far has even come close to getting the intro right. It’s meant to be SHREDDED. I thought that much was obvious just by listening to the original. I can’t believe no one’s done it yet.

Have you heard goat’s cover? It’s pretty fucking heavy.

Got a link, DR? Google fails me.

I really don’t like Powerglove’s or the Neskimos new tracks -_-.

I haven’t heard Neskimoes stuff since their first couple albums (Megaman, Bionic Commando, Mario, etc). They’re pretty good, except I hate hate HATE the drum sound.

Rig- Here you go

Thanks, quite interesting lead guitar and keys. I’d like the rhythm guitar a bit heavier :wink: