Snuggle piccies

I just found <a href=“”>this</a> awesomely cute (IMO anyway) picture, and I want more. I love mushy stuff like this, so like, post more art of characters hugging/kissing/longing for each other. It’s CUUUUTTEEE

That’s not just awesomely cute, it’s EXCEPTIONALLY well drawn. That’s really impressive. goes to find more cuddle pics

<a href=“”>Lina and Gourry</a>
<a href=“”>again</a>
I demand people post more snuggle piccies :frowning:

That second one looks wierd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any of the “snuggle” pictures that I tend to find would get me banned.

Er…I mean…

Hey look, a ninja! runs

I have LOTS.

Kenshin and Kaoru remind me of my boyfriend and I so these next few pics are my fav ^^

As you can see, I put the text in this pic for a joke, awhile ago:

I’ll add more later. i had this really nice anime romance site bookmarked but I must have deleted it. It had awesome pics.

Hey these are GOOOD especially the last one! Post more!

No idea what this is about, but hey, Dilly and Celena from escflowne

Weren’t Dilandau and Celena the same person?. Just curious.

And Eva, love that last one. :smiley:

I have absolutely no idea, I just happened across it while searching the net. Man, Eva has snuggle pics by the half dozen. Good ones too.

Once I accidentally went into someone else’s staff folder and found this pic. It cuted the socks off of me, so I put my socks back on and saved it. Then I lost it, but here it is again. Unfortunately, it’s about RO.

<a href = “”>Clicka</a>

O_O Me likes… I see boobies! BOOBIES! BOOOOOOBIES!

yeah, the line quality is good too.

Anyone have some nice non-anime pics?

Real people tend to not be cute >>; There’s such a lack of emotion. It’s like they’re only doing it for show.

Some more cute ones,

What d’you think.

I didnt say it had to be real life people, I’m just tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over again, with different hair. (anime)

Theres not enough variation in the anime pics that have been posted. Maybe if someone got some pics with better composition than two people’s profiles kissing each other on either white background or some kind of magical swirly BG…

Here, this isnt anime and has better composition. More nice artwork, please?

Indeed… It’s like they’re more interested in showing off their catch than in the feelings themselves.

And am I the only one to think that the drawings of Nul around here look like Yai from the Mega Man Battle Network games? O_o

(And don’t ask what possessed me to check this thread…)

For Jesus Christ sake, I never said use real people, why is every getting on that bandwagon? I’m talking about ARTWORK that isnt anime, do any of you even know what that is?!

Sorry, I’m just burnt out on anime crap. There are other artstyles out there that get look much more professional and garner more respect.

Anime style is cuter. People hardly get enough cuteness in their boring lives.