Snowy sceneries from RPG's


I’m want to make art with snowy sceneries from RPG’s. Can somone send me pictures or links to these images ?? :slight_smile: Thanks.

I can tell you where (game wise) to look, Here is a big link:

May I surgest Final Fantasy 6, Narshe is always cold and snowy. (We have some pickys, you may also try )

Airygliph in Star Ocean 3: Till the End of time.

The Name of Iccicle Inn in FF7, sounds Promicing.

Mt. Gagazet FFX and FFX-2.

Disgaea has some snowy levels.

Big Nutter

Maybe somone knows snowy monsters ?? :slight_smile: If you can, please send me a link to image ^^

What about sialor mercury in the sailormoon rpg she’s in scandanavia