As seen from outer space

So far we’ve gotten about a foot or so of snow with an underlying layer of crusty ice here in SW Missouri. And everyone is freaking out. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is so long as the electricity doesn’t go out.

So who else here is dealing with the bigass winter weather system?

I swear, the one part of NC not covered in clouds is W-S.

Not quite yet. We’re expecting the snow tomorrow but they’re telling us to shit our pants right now. My classes are canceled tomorrow but I’ll be spending the day shoveling snow. Like Trill, as long as I’ve got electricity I’ll be fine.

NYC has had 56 inches this winter. It’s crazy. Tonight is supposed to be freezing rain.

I’m praying to every weather god I know that my college is closed tomorrow. But given our president comes from Buffalo, it’s not fucking likely a foot of snow will stop her.

El Paso is having power outages. I think they might have gotten an inch or so of snow? And most of the schools closed today.

We’ve gotten a few inches of snow where I’m at. Roads are mostly frozen too.

Luckily, I’m in a small town or I’d be forced to put up with the forced rolling blackouts. That shit would suck.

Other that that, I don’t mind the weather.

This is what Canada is like every year. Pussies.

I got lucky where I live in Buffalo…we only got 4 to 6 inches of the twoo feet expected.

Yes, well, we here in the States find that snow and ice severely disrupts such 19th century innovations like electricity and running water. We don’t have igloos we can retreat to.

I don’t like this post, so I deleted it!


We’ve had neither disruption here, maybe we’re just better builders than you 'merkins are :stuck_out_tongue:

A foot of snow isn’t too bad. I think we got 2 or 3 times as much so far. How about temperatures~? It’s probably too late in the season now for it to get to -46 again like it did last year, but we hit -30 on Monday.

It’s nice and sunny here in washington.

Time to go low tech!

Yes. Of igloos. We’ve already established this.

You’re still a bunch of pussies.

Yeah well, we’re not descended from hardened fur traders and lumberjacks, and we aren’t required to kill a Polar Bear with our loose-leaf notebooks in grade school. We kill our wildlife with rifles from helicopters.

And at least nature tried to kill our people of French descent!

I’ll give you that one, 984. All ours ever do is bitch about everything :confused:

Nonsense, nature just wanted to fuck with them, which is mostly the only thing they’re good for. In the process, it fucked a lot more people up the ass. It turned into an equal opportunity event. You should check to see how different racial groups were affected, maybe it was an affirmative action natural disaster. You could use your lawyer skills to go to court and argue for the repeal of affirmative action from a totally different perspective. It would be yet another way white people are getting fucked because of minorities. I’m sure you’d get 5 minutes of fame on Fox News. Since science standards are so low as to practically teach that the Earth is flat, I have no doubt you’d have a lot of eager supporters.