snowmageddon? LOL!

PUSSIES. We get storms like this every year. Last year we got several.

What I love is how my area has totally avoided being hit by a major storm. We got a little snow, a few inches, but not enough to call a snow day yet. I’m still waiting for the traditional Two-Story Icicle to form outside my house.

I think this season has seen the most cumulative snow hit North Carolina since 1993.

I think North Carolina freaks out in the first half of democratic presidencies.

I wouldn’t be too sure, sin. Snow like this killed the dinosaurs. and we’re no different physiologically than dinosaurs.

North Carolina elected a Senator who went to a pro-atheism rally. And yelled “THERE IS NO GOD!”*

*Note: said senator never actually yelled that. Was only yelled by a actor as part of the Reelect Elizabeth Dole Campaign.

Snow? I’m sorry, winter Olympics here: there is no snow.

Thanks, maybe next time the worthless event can be held in a real winter wonderland.


Where was this thread when my area was still getting hit with blizzards every other week?

That said, we’re still breaking all kinds of consecutive number of days with X amount of snow on the ground where X represents 12inches, 9inches, & 4inches. At least it was 40 outside these last couple of days so I was actually able to clear my driveway without too much incident this time.

I live in New England and haven’t seen any snow in weeks. Meanwhile, some friends of mine who live further south are getting hammered. Something is wrong with the world.

I know it’s sadistic, but I squeal in delight watching other get a ton of snow when they aren’t used to it. For once we dodged a big storm, but snow is planned for the Buffalo area for the middle of this week.

I’m gonna have to agree with Sin here…wimps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Living in NH, I feel like we have had very little snow. It feels wrong somehow, when you can walk from the front door to your car without being pelted with snow/ your face half freezing off.

HAHA!!! Yes. I am enjoying this too much.

People only panic in places like say… Maryland because the government doesn’t have efficient snow removal. They normally don’t need it. The snow removal we had on the main road around here was some dude with a shovel. Not even joking.

So I take it that Canada’s roads have turned into gravel due to all the freezing/thawing/refreezing/plowing/re-refreezing/ect…?

I ask this because the roads out here have whole sections that are simply no longer there anymore (nevermind all the patchwork that’s been needed thus far).

Quebec roads are spectacularly bad.

The only thing worse than them are the Quebec women’s armpits.

CLOSE! Facial hair. I’m not kidding.

Hey they need some way to keep warm. They can’t all cuddle up in your love shack in the woods! Damn Canadians.

Or can they…?