Snow Storm

For the past 30 minutes, it has been snowing non-stop. Everywhere is just covered in snow. You could barely see anything. Which is pretty rare for the centre of England.

Could you send some snow to the middle of the U.S.? High school seniors in my town (for the most part) have the philosophy of keeping everyone else until July because we graduate anyway.

It might melt. But if I sent a fridge with snow inside that might work.

We got a whole foot of snow here. I still had to go to work. Even the public transport kept on as usual. Isn’t Norway strange?

Toronto’s pretty strange too, then. :sunglasses:

But let’s not talk about weather, or Xelo will pipe in and destroy us all with his -50-degree chillers in Timmins.

Not fair. We’ve had hailstorms and loads of rain, but no snow. It seems the snow managed to reach everywhere else in Britain but here.

Its pretty slushy where I live, but nothing too special. Still enjoy it before Global Warming kicks in.

Dude, didn’t you hear? Global warming will cause the ice caps to melt, which will raise the sea level and (somehow) cut off the gulf stream, plunging us into another ice age. Meaning that the more we heat this world up, the colder it’ll become (which is about right for this world, come to think of it :thud: ) Bottom line? Start your engines, and watch it snow! :wink:

Its been snowing for the past week here, nonstop. For pennsylvania, thats not really out of the ordinary, but for some reason they’ve been calling off school everyday.

EDIT-Ok, ok, so today i had to go, but it was a 2 hr delay, and then early dismissal, so that doesnt count.

I think the ice age thing was more media hype. If and when the Gulf Stream stops, Britain will have a similar climate to Canada, as it’s on the same latitude. I think the reason it will stop is because the Gulf Stream runs as a current of salt water, and the ice caps are freshwater. Too much freshwater running into the sea will stop the salt water Gulf Stream running. Whether the TV program I saw this on was correct or not, I’m not sure.

Apparently, scientists think that it happened for a couple of years in Victorian times when the Thames froze over so much that people could skate on it.

I really hope this doesn’t happen. It’s cold enough in the north as it is.

Here in NC we had snow, sleet, and freezing rain (and I believe each of those are actually different things) on Sunday and Monday, and today was my first day back at work. See, when the roads are frozen over it’s a great idea to open work at 8 am when it’s still below freezing… yeah… right… I took a couple of pictures at my apartment since it was sort of nifty looking, and I enjoyed actually getting to use my snowboots. It was also interesting to see the swimming pool outside my building frozen.

Where I live we don’t seem to get snow very often, but we do get ice sometimes. I’d much rather have the snow since the ice is so much worse for electricity and for transportation.

I live right on the shore of Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York and it’s been snowing for the past two days straight.

edit: sorry, wrong thread ¬¬

Well it snowed here on Monday night. I thought we would not have school the next day because it had snowed and was 8 degrees and we had a windshield. But we went to school anyway. Also there was a problem yesterday that they had turn off the heater and then thewhole building was cold. I had Physical Fittness and when we were down there at you could smell some kind of gas and water was leaking. Right after we left, since coach thought we would die or get sick from the smell, the pipe burst and flooded the basement. And it was still freezing cold sice the heat was still off. Also the water down here is still below freezing.

Do you mean 8 below? Cuz 8 degrees isnt worthy of a school cancellation :stuck_out_tongue: Or you just mean F which I hope you were referring to ^_~ and I do believe you mean a “wind chill” factor (yeah it sounds similar, dammit).

And dude if our furnace broke here, school would be shut down, not to mention the flooding…we’d be out for days. That isn’t fair (nor safe) that you had to stay in school…bastards.

Yeah, snow’s cool. It gave me the day off from school, since at the start of the day the buses could not get anywhere. And besides the school must have been freezing anyway, since the heating system of part of the school, is about as old as queen.