SNL is gonna die

Jimmy Fallon left. him and Tina were such a good team. the only reason I watched SNL. They’re as good as dead without him. Tina is good. maybe she’ll do good without him. but man, they were a TEAM!

Teh suxor. ;_;

It’s been dead to me since Will Farrel left.


you are aware that there is an invention called television and on this invention they show shows, right?

I pesume it has/is being shown on USA TV.

Sorry. BUT…

SNL survived when John Belushi died.
It survived when Steve Martin left.
It survived when Bill Murray left.
It survived when Dan Akroyd left.
It survived when Gilda Radner died.
It survived when Eddie Murphy left.
It survived when Dana Carvey left.
It survived when Mike Myers left
It survived when David Spade left
It survived when Phil Hartman left (and then died)
It survived when Chris Farley left (and then died)
It survived when Chris Rock left
It survived when Dennis Miller left
It survived when Will Farrell left

Do you sense a pattern?

But now it has no good cast members left. sept the guy that does bill clinton. and tina faye which rarley does skits.

And steve martin was never a member of the cast. he just hosted alot. maybe i’m wrong. I’m no expert.

Again, been there, lived through that.

In addition to all the departures its survived, SNL survived when Joe Piscopo JOINED, too.

Why do I always feel like I’m the only guy that thinks SNL was never funny in the first place?

its never been THIS bad though.

Probobly beacause you are.

Never been this bad? I’m sorry, but SNL was horrid during the early to mid 80s. Sure it had a few funny members that did a couple of chuckle skits an episode, but it was downright bad. Hell, even with Jimmy Fallon on board, the season(s ?) since Farrell left have been very subpar. Martin Short’s '96 Monologue really captures this phenomenon. Unfortunately, I can’t find a transcript of it. It’s funny though.

I changed my mind. its never been funny.

Will Ferral was never really funny. Some of his movies are funny, but not really.

Mad TV was funny, but once I saw an episode where I did not laugh (not even chuckle) through the entire episode, I just stopped watching completly.

SNL used to be hilarious, but not so much anymore.

Some of the earlier episodes of Mad TV with Sasso and such were great. I really do belive the Mad TV cast from around 96-99 was for the most part a better cast than SNL. In fact, I felt and still do that many of them would be welcome additions to SNL. I mean, SNL has Kenan Thompson from Kenan and Kell, Good Burger, and All That on its cast now. He was good, but come on.

Yea, Kenan is awesome for kids and shit, but when it comes to the big time he just can’t perform.

The early SNLs were pretty good (from what I can gather from their now-departed showings on Comedy Central), but after a few years, they ran out of good ideas and started showing the crappiest skits ever concieved. It made the ones from my old Boy Scout camps look like Shakespeare.

And Mad TV was sick. It wasn’t even a funny kind of sick; it was just sick.