SNK coming to their senses...

Old, but I figured no one cared.

Originally said by : Mr Moriarty from the Madman’s Cafe
[b]Sammy has revealed in the Amusement Machine Show (AM Show) today that SNK Playmore will be releasing videogame titles on the Atomiswave hardware as a third party. Sammy also revealed that they will be working on a collaboration project together with major software publisher Capcom for the Atomiswave as well.

SNKPlaymore has announced their first release on the Atomiswave hardware as the latest release in “The King Of Fighters” series. Sammy has revealed that their project with Capcom will be “Sammy vs. Capcom”. No details on either titles are available as of yet. The KOF for the Atomiswave is currently in development and scheduled for release in spring of 2004, while Sammy vs. Capcom is yet to go into production.

Note: I wrote KOF2004 by mistake since the game was announced for release that year. apologies. -H.Moriarty

Can we say “better-looking games”, anyone?

Mmm… Classic SF characters in GGX Style… drooooolzzz…

SF chars GGX would definately be sweet. I’m just glad SNK is back in the game. I was sad to see them go.

Cool! Sammy VS Capcom! Sounds awesome



Ofcourse we all know that Sammy is better than Capcom.


All I gotta say is

  1. Thank god cos SvC Chaos is such a bad game


  1. The gameplay for Sammy vs Capcom better be more like Street Fighter than Guilty Gear. Ugh, Guilty Gear is such a ridiculous game. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… what’s it gonna be like? What system are they gonna use? WHY DO I CARE WHEN I SUCK AT FIGHTING GAMES?! shuts brain down for his own sake