I’m trying to get all the GOOD SNES RPG’s, but I don’t know them all. (Also only ones released in North America)

Ones I have:
Lufia 1
Lufia 2
Zelda: Link to the Past
Secret of Mana
Secret of Evermore
Mystic Quest (not all that great, i know)
Illusions of Gaia
Chrono Trigger

Ones I want:

Mario RPG
Breath of Fire 1
Breath of Fire 2

If anyone knows any other good ons they think I should get, please let me know.

Well, if you’re trying to find the cartridges, you’re probably shit out of luck.

Yeah I’m trying to find the cartridges, I have a few reliable sources but I have limited $$ right now so I just want ideas on what to get.

I played MArio RPG and I think it sucks. Iliked Lufia 1 but not 2. As for the rest, i think they’re all OK to great.

I know a much cheaper way to get ALL of them…ahem

You have most of the games I used to play on SNES…how about Ogre Battle and Sailor Moon Another Story?There’s also Tales of Phantasia…you pretty much have the same taste in RPG’s as I do…you’d like these ones.

Cool, I’ve never heard of some of those, are they all released in North America?

Notice how he said he wanted the cartridges

Notice how he said he wanted RPGs only released in North America. SM: Another Story and Tales of Phantasia were not released in North America.

You should get Soulblazer, it’s good for an old action/RPG, very good, might I add.

One that’s so-so, and thus you should not get is Tecmo’s Secret of the Stars.

Tales of Phantasia was not released in NA, I think SM might have been, and I don’t believe Ogre Battle was.

Alright chill, I’m too addicted to ROMS.

Ogre Battle WAS released in North America…I rented it awhile ago.Okay, SM wasn’t…and I’m not sure about Tales of Phantasia either…I’m positive I’ve seen it.Oh well.

I should hope that OgreBattle was released in America, since I got a cartridge of it!

And ToP definitely wasn’t released over here.

Well, I’ll definately look into Ogre Battle, although I thought that was for N64 but maybe that was Ogre Battle 64…well, I’m confused.
I was wondering on someones incite on 7th Saga I’ve heard good and bad things about it.

<img src=“”> Terranigma :stuck_out_tongue:

ToP wasn’t released here?Ah, okay then, my mistake.And there’s a few Ogre Battles out for a few systems…

GameStop would be a great place to look. I’ve found FF3, CT, Super Metroid (yes, I know it’s not an RPG), and Secret of Mana there for decent prices.

OK, I’ll check that out, thx.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> Terranigma :stuck_out_tongue:

pimpslaps TD

He said that just because he wanted to poke fun at NA because we never got it. However, I’ll simply say that we get games before them.

Anyway, 7th Saga, it’s good, but it’s definitely hard.

I definately don’t mind a game being hard…how many hours of gameplay do you think I can get out of it?

Originally posted by Igatona
[b]pimpslaps TD

He said that just because he wanted to poke fun at NA because we never got it. However, I’ll simply say that we get games before them.[/b]

<img src=“”> I know. But I am patient. And we usually get all kinds of extra stuff in our games. And when games are Euro only, they usually rock. Like Terranigma :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know there were RPG’s released in Europe that weren’t in NA :cool:

Don’t listen to Ren- Super Mario RPG is one of the most fun (if easy) RPGs I’ve ever played.