Snake experts out there?

My snake is wounded. Mid way of his belly the scales have been spilt open and now his’s all red in that area. It looks new so it might’ve been done recently.

Any idea on how to help him get better besides to the vet? (momma and dadda don’t wanna go to the vet.)

Sod your parents, take it to the Vet.

okay… is shooed away by parents

. . .

Just get a new one. Also note that you should pick from the 4 main types:


heh… :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it looks really bad, I wouldn’t worry too much. Snakes are thougher than most other pets, CC.

ok Wil… sorry. ^^; just he’s never been hurt like this before and I guess I over reacted…

Snakes, or reptiles as a whole, are difficult to keep as pets. They require a lot of special care, and a lot of other things. That being said, sorry, but I’m no snake expert, so I can’t give any advice. I don’t think you really do have any other options than to take it to a vet, or a reptile specialist. Maybe you could ask someone in a pet store, or look at some books on snake care.
Also, did you get the snake from someone, or from a store, or did you catch it in the wild? Just curious.

you’re stupid, just cut it in half, its regenrative powers, will regenerate each half, so you’ll then have TWO healthy snakes!

We bought it from a pet store seven years ago as a hatchling. Sadly though the petstore went out of business not too long ago.

And Charle… oooooh. Really? :stuck_out_tongue:


You arent the only female that finds snakes cute, and we dont even know if you really are a female. i highly doubt it.


but seriously, I don’t know shit about reptiles.

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