SMT: Devil Survivor

So anybody picked this up yet? I’ve been playing it the past couple of days, and it’s pretty damn fun. There’s nothing like wasting time trying to fuse together crazy-powerful demons…

Update: On day 5 now. The game has some serious difficulty if you don’t fuse every couple of levels. Also, the story’s starting to get pretty interesting.

Already beaten one of the major bosses, which was a pretty crazy fight to begin with. Loving the boss music.

So what’s the gameplay like? Is it traditional SMT fare? If so, then I need this game.

Think SRPG with traditional SMT fights. It’s really more of a mix between JRPG and SRPG. Basically, you have your characters in teams of three, with a leader in the middle. When you engage an enemy, you go into a 1st person view and it kinda takes on a standard SMT fight (with the Extra Turn system).

You buy demons to use through the Auction system (the only thing your money goes towards). And of course, Fusion is there, but it’s massively simplified. You can choose what skills you want to transfer over, so you don’t have to do that reset shit like in Persona 3/4. And you can search for potential fusion combinations, which is pretty cool. Sucks to have no compendum, but I guess it evens out.

The human characters you utilize can choose whatever skills you’ve cracked, so you can customize them for any fight. They can also transfer skills to demons, so you can end up with some crazy stuff.

There’s also multiple endings depending on whatever path you take. I think there’s like 6 or 7 of 'em, and I’m not totally sure which one (if any right now) that I’m on.

How hard is it? I’m guessing we’re talking time-intensive here?

Difficulty is…hard to give an opinion on. It’s sure as hell not easy, but I think difficulty is relative to what demons you currently have and the mission objectives. For one, if you don’t fuse new demons every few levels, you’ll find yourself likely on the ass side of an ass-kicking. I guess it’s prevent you from keeping old demons for too long or something.

Secondly, mission objectives: Most objectives are generally like “Kill all demons and don’t let the MC die.”. Like some other games, if the MC dies, it’s Game Over. Other objectives have you trying to protect citizens or keep enemies from escaping. It gets kinda annoying when you have a mission with ever-changing objectives.

For example, one mission starts out with you trying to scare off people trying to kill a character. After scaring them off, enemy demons pop up and you’re suddenly trying to keep them alive so they can escape. After the demons get killed off, the first major boss shows up (a major WTF moment since he wasn’t supposed to show up that early). Unfortunately for you, he’s immortal, so you can’t hurt him, which leads to everyone having to run away and escape. Things get complicated further when he summons higher level demons to keep you from running off.

I haven’t got my assed kicked yet, but I’ve gotten a few Game Overs due to some stupid stuff.

Will get when I have the money. Hows the combat?

That’ll give you somewhat of an idea of how battles play out (a little bit).

The ridiculously awesome boss stage music. So fucking full of win.

Doesn’t seem like my first option, but thanks for the info.

Ok, finally beat the game. Took Naoya’s Route, and it ended up being pure badassery. Basically…think Nocturne’s True Demon ending. Or to put it lightly, you become the King of Bel (King of Pandemonium, aka King of Demons), with control over all demons, and decide to wage war on God and the angels, with humanity stuck somewhere in the middle.

On the cool side, you get to play a New Game+ after beating the game, keeping all your demons, macca, skills, and no more level restrictions on fusion.

Overall, it was a pretty good game. Very good story.