Ew… hell no…

Maybe later

People who smoke, generally, die sooner then the rest of us.

Therefore, please, smoke- I impore you.


yeah and people who get a lot of orgasms live longer…

wich is true actually… Damn am I gonna live forever or what

I tried cigs once while intoxicated. I found myself trying to smoke pens, but I’m over that. (not lighting pens aflame)

Wow, so then masturbation really is the fountain of youth?

I’m also gonna have to agree with |Damage| on this quote. I’d like to add that chewing on pens is worse for your teeth than smoking. whic reminds me, I should light another

err no… Sex is the fountain of youth… Masturbation is just a sideflow

You’re lying. You would not experience this reaction because of ONE cigarette- that’s preposterous.

I smoked for about two or three years, and I quit. Unless you’re like, 90 lbs or a nutjob you’re not gonna get THAT addicted off of one cigarette.

Never did, never will. I know what that stuff does, and I despise it. When I was a kid, I used to throw my father’s cigrarettes down the toilet. These days that stuff disgusts me so much I can’t even do that anymore. Just being anywhere near them makes me sick. And I can’t stand that hideous stench that gets all over the place.

What he said.

I have to agree. I never had or will smoke even though I am old enough to smoke.

I’m not addicted. =/

I’m just chewing pens to get my mind off it.

140 Pounds, un-nutjob.

“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life,” – Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign.

Smoked for two weeks and quit.

LOL, are you being serious?! Okay, assuming you take about 25 to 30 puffs per cigeratte…25X.02% = .5%. There are 20 cigarettes to a pack. .5% X 20 = 10%. That would mean each pack of cigarettes you smoked takes your life off by 10%. Wow, it’s amazing they’re able to even make money on this stuff.

So, if I forced someone to smoke 10 packs… they’d die! What a magnificant plan!!111

Maybe it’s a less percent. 0.000002%. I don’t know.

Supposedly, It’s seven minutes of your life for each cig you smoke

That sounds like a bullshit statistic to me. I’ve seen people who’ve died of lung cancer at the age of thirty, and I’ve seen people who’ve smoked all their life who die of natural causes at age one fucking hundred. :-p


Really? A 100 year old smoker? Pshf.

THAT, is why people shouldn’t smoke.

Holy crap! Those nails sure are dirty!