I thinked I liked The Mask cartoon better than the movie… but nevermind, this has nothing to do with that.

A few days ago, farmers up in Tigre and south Entre Rios (That’s a few hundred miles north of the capital and where I live) started a massive allegedly controlled fire to clean up fields. This is suppsoed to be a standard practice, but since the dumbfucks couldn’t be arsed to look at a goddamn weather forecast, they did not predict that not only it would NOT rain to put out the fires, but the atmospheric pressure would make absolutely sure that the smoke didn’t go anywhere.


This reaches all the way to La Plata, which is a few hundred miles SOUTH.

At worst’ we had a visibility of about fifty meters. And it’s EVERYWHERE, you literally cannot be in any place without smoke. Today, there wasn’t a single (normal) cloud in the sky and yet the sky looked compleyely grey. From time to time some sunlight rays got through to show us that it was lightly very clear and blue up there. Also, my throat itches like a bitch.

Ironically, “Buenos Aires” literally means “Good Air”.

Especially since last summer, I hate fires. I know what you’re saying about your throat, it can also be bad for the eyes. What with the mountain near Athens burning, followed by a fucking total of 10% of the country’s forests you couldn’t come out for days.

We get into a similar situation here. Spring is dry season in Puerto Rico, and I live in a valley full of grasslands- that means a lot of wildfires. The authorities have gotten better at keeping them under control in recent years but we still get the occasional cloud of smoke that hovers over town making life miserable. :frowning:

I must admit I found this to be pretty hilarious when I first saw it on TV… I mean, as crappy as it may be, there’s something funny about such an important city looking like somewhere from a bad dystopian movie due to the stupidity of some farmers.

Also, does this have anything to do with the strike and overall resentment the agro industry has towards your new government? I heard some guy commenting something like that, but I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or just too angry due to the smoke in his throat.

No no, that’s nothing to do with it. This is always done up there, it’s just the weather fucked things up this time.