Smilie stories!

Post your (possibly hilarious) smiley-based stories here! I’ ve seen many people making this kind of stuff and I found it amusing, so I thought: how about a thread where people can post their stories? So here you are…

Here’ s mine:
One day, a giant frog came into town :runaway:
And crushed a pedestrian :thud:
A guy passing by saw him and freaked out ::dekar!::
Then, the giant frog saw the crushed guy and apologized :no2:
But the guy got up angry and transformed :ulty:
And turned everyone into :spam:

Not that cool but meh, my imagination is poor ;_; hopefully yours is not. :stuck_out_tongue: …Ah, and the smilie limit is 6! I may also make a poll to decide the best one! Parodies welcome! ^^’

( :spam: ! :spam: ! Wonderful :spam: !)> :victoly:

It’ s Ultros, BTW…Thanks for the spam-loving Lucca!

Shakes head.

What’ s wrong? Some light-hearted stories don’ t hurt every once in a while. If you’ re referring to my story…well, I know it sucks. :hahaha;

:hahaha; Was practising and hit ::doh:: while :boring: was asleep but p:unch:: beat everyone up.

Once upon a time :noway: , :biggrin: , and :moonwalk: joined :runaway: and were killed by :fungah: . The end.

:moogle: beat up :thud: .