Smilie Poll Part III!

See the first thread for further information.

A. :no2:
B. :hint:
C. :scream:
D. :moogle:
E. :boring:
F. :biggrin:

(continued on next post…)

G. :chupon:
H. :mwahaha:
I. :eek:
J. ::doh::
K. ::dekar!::
L. :bowser:

Hmm, why did you have to put Chupon and Dekar on the same poll? :confused: It’s hard to choose. :chupon:

Walhalla likes Chupon, so I like Chupon.

:chupon: -A Chupon le gusta Walhalla, tambien! :slight_smile:

:get it?: …Um, Chup, I don’t think Wal understands Spanish.

I know enough to understand what this means. :stuck_out_tongue:

:chupon: Chupon will win the grand title!

How could you not like him!?

:mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

::dekar!:: ::dekar!:: ::dekar!::

Man! How am I supposed to vote? you suck at making polls! ::dekar!:: :chupon:

ok, I voted for dekar, just to even that sucker out. cmon people, even it out!

Easy. Kefka for the win. :mwahaha:

Well I just put them all in order… sorry guys… I didn’t think. turns into Jell-O

And don’t you worry: I’m sure that both of them will make it to the semi-finals!