Smilie Poll Part 1!

Allright, kiddies, it’s time to vote for your favorite smilies! It’s going to be in blocks of 12, and I’m going to post them here. You have until friday morning to vote in this poll, so get cracking, fools! I’ll post the second part shortly afterwards. The top four in the three next polls (which will encompass all the icons) will go onto the finals, where the best icon will be determined.

Ready? Go!

A. :too bad:
B. :fungah:
C. :victoly:
D. :wave:
E. :booster:
F. :hahaha;

(continued on next post)

G. :thud:
H. :runaway:
I. :noway:
J. :ark:
K. :spam:
L. :cool:

B. Magus owns your soul.

Dead Locke. Hilarious.


How can you not love that?

Mr. Evil Laugh Smilie rules them all!

I’m really sorry Magus, I hope you understand: ::dekar!::

And I just KNOW that Pierson or some other SA browser is going to pop up with one of their fancy-ass “exclusive” smilies

I choose E. Mario RPG rules!

There needs to be more frog lovin’! <_<;

Gotta go with Booster on this. :booster:

Mario RPG is just a classic, I get very nostalgic whenever it’s mentioned.


One smilie to rule them all, eh Nul? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Magus

Ninten! Whoo!


Magus. Not that I like him that much, but I’ve been using him as a way to deflate my own ego around here, so he deserves my recognition.

:slight_smile: See, Mag? I DO appreciate you.

:fungah: -Go !@#$ yourself, Martinez.