It has come down to just these four… now VOTE! Oh, if the votes have changed on the other poll, ignore it. It would have closed by now if I didn’t forget to put a timer on it. <_<;;;

A. :booster:
B. :fungah:
C. :chupon:
D. ::dekar!::

Out of those? Magus. Make a 3-way tie. >=)

Magus. Bad-ass. Stylish. Classy. Where’ s Kefka? <.< >.>

:chupon: Chupon will win the grand prize!

Walhalla likes Chupon, so we must all like Chupon!

who ever this guy is. ::dekar!::

:moogle: why is’ent MR.T on the list?

Mr. Indifferent Smilie!

:booster: :booster: :booster: :booster: :booster:


I HAVE to vote for Booster. I get my best jokes out of him!!

:booster: -Really? Yaay!!

:booster: …Wait. Is that a good thing?

Noooooooo! Man, I couldn’t even vote to the semi-finals and the finals because I wasn’t home in the past days! I would’ve voted for Chupon. Yeah, really. I would have. It should be considered since there’s a tie anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Walhalla’s right. Chupon for the win!

Yes, but I just got back from a camping trip, and haven’t been around for the past few days, and I would have voted for Magus. So, if Walhalla’s vote counts, mine should too. Anybody who says otherwise is a sexist!

<img src=“”> <---- This should have won anyway, but it’s not an official smiley. =(

:chupon: Chupon wins the grand prize?

A tie? Uh oh… maybe I should run a FINAL final. Who says I should?

I do! :chupon: Chupon will win the grand prize!

I do too!

Well you’re not as cool as Walhalla. So no.

I say you should, and so does Jeff Daniels. And James Hetfield.

I can’t believe Kefka didnt make it into the finals… >_>