smiley suggestions

i’m still hunting for a good angry smiley.

:eek: Nik’d user!!

Pokes Paino Paino falls off balconey


That one please!!

Big Nutter
I wonder if Merlin can play something under there?

Bad BN. No dictating what other boarders do. Banned for 2 weeks. >.>

All I did was poke a Piano, that was balanced on a balcney, The piano just fell on Merlin, I thought he was the Piano Magnet. (see


I like the two Marle ones from Hiryuu

She is correct! I used that one ALL THE TIME! Why the fuck did you get rid of it? ;_; Flee :runaway:

smilies updated.


Testing, testing… :ark: :bowser: :booster: :hint: :toast: :dancer:
Teh w00t!

: Mr. Eden Wannabe Smilie imitates Eden!

:spam: :spam: :spam: :spam:

Sweet, delicious spam. I cry tears of joy. :bowser:

Chupon has been smilified! :smiley:

Wow, there’s actually a few in here I might use. Particularly the dude with the big mouth ( :booster: ) and the bowser ( :bowser: ).

I don’t think the spam one is a good idea. Now people will use it as one-smiley/word posts in useless threads to look edgy.

:hint: This is a good thread for a free post

:scream: :spam:
look she is going to eat the spam

Oh FF rulez, and such

Put Cloud from FF7!!! And mabey a something from Kingdom Hearts…like a heartless!!!

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: I like Dancing Lady…